5 Online Sites to Look for Contactors

Person searching on Google

You may need a roof inspection, repair, a new roof altogether, or things added to your roofing system such as gutters or skylights. When seeking out roofing contractors in Cincinnati, a great place to start is the Internet. There are several platforms that can help you locate contractors in your area and then allow you to narrow down your search results to the companies that offer the right services. Here are 5 online sites to use to search for contractors.

Google Maps/Search

Google Maps and Google Search are quick searches to gather a list of local contractors to contact. You can perform a simple search by typing in your zip code, town, and keywords related to your roofing project. Google will then pull up contractors that match the search.

Even more, if you click on Google Maps after the search, it brings up a left panel of all the contractors in the immediate area while giving you company information as well as Google reviews.


NextDoor is a social media app and website based on neighborhood outreach. People post all types of information regarding things happening in their communities, including contractor information and reviews when they obtain roofing services. You can find out what roofing work your neighbors obtained and the experience they had with certain roof contractors in your area.


Angi is the new name for Angie’s List. This website features contractor details for all types of services from siding, roofing, skylights, gutters, and more. You can put in more details regarding your project, such as budget, type of project, and deadlines. Then, Angi will provide you with contractors that fit your preferences.


The platform Houzz is well known for allowing people to share their projects and design ideas. Yet it is also a great place to look for contractors. You can either browse the site to gather contractor details or sign up for an account. Then you can send the contractor a message regarding your interest in their services.


The platform Porch features over 1.5 million contractors and other professionals. Porch is simple to use just like the other sites. You perform a search by entering your zip code and then you can narrow your search down based on the project. Another feature of this website is that you can contact them directly to find a contractor if you’re not comfortable using the website.

Once you obtain a list of potential contractors, make sure to go over their services and read their reviews to learn more about the work they perform. Here at Brandstetter’s KangaRoof, we provide KangaRoof reviews so homeowners can learn more about our company and our work. To learn more about us, contact our company today.