The Overhead Care Club

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You know that preventative maintenance is the best way to keep your major home systems in good shape. When it comes to roofing systems, learn how we protect your roof and gutters with our Overhead Care Club.

What is the Overhead Care Club?

The Overhead Care Club is our preventative maintenance club for roofing and gutter services. Members pay $25 per month, or $300 annually, for benefits which include:

  • free gutter cleaning twice a year (up to 150 square feet)
  • annual roofing analysis (including attic analysis)
  • skylight cleaning
  • roof debris removal
  • discounted repairs
  • priority appointment scheduling

Taken together, these services keep your roof and gutters clean, so water can drain instead of pool. With regular inspection, our roofing technician can find and fix small problems, such as missing shingles or degraded flashing, before they turn into major problems.

Why Join the Overhead Care Club

The sooner you repair a problem in your home, the less expensive the job. With something like a roof, which protects your whole home, delaying the repair could lead to extensive water damage, mold, or mildew in your attic or rooms. This could put your family’s health at risk

If you’re looking at a potential insurance claim, such as roofing damage after a storm, you can’t wait. Delaying to file may mean the insurance company only covers the original damage, and not the subsequent home damage caused by waiting. Priority appointment scheduling means you can get a trusted roofing technician out quickly, to get your claim fully funded.

By having regular roof inspections and gutter cleaning, you can keep the roof in good shape and stay on top of minor repairs. This can extend the life of your roofing system—when you get the full 30 years from an asphalt roof, you’ll save much more than you spend on preventative maintenance. Regular roof repairs also protect your home and family.
Since our roofing technicians offer an annual roofing analysis for club members, they can tell you the condition of your roof, including the estimated lifespan. With this in mind, you can budget for a roofing replacement rather than be caught unawares.

Become a Member Today

Don’t wait until something goes wrong with your roof. Join the Overhead Care Club today to find out how your aging roof is doing, keep up with repairs, and enjoy clean gutters. To learn more, contact us today.