Why Is My Skylight Leaking?

A Cincinnati homeowner may install a skylight into the roof to bring in more natural light into dark spaces. However, whenever you cut through the protective layers of the roofing system, care must be taken to prevent leaks that can damage materials and cause leaks whenever it rains. Here are common issues for why a skylight may leak.

Improper Installation

The majority of leaks occur due to the installation process. Manufacturers have detailed instructions regarding how to properly install their skylight products. If they followed the instructions, there should never have been any leaks on the first rain after installation. It is in the best interest of the homeowner to only work with credible and trusted professionals who have a successful history for skylight installation.

Owner Negligence

A skylight is not something that you ignore when performing yearly maintenance. While these products can typically last around 30 years, parts of the skylight, such as the sealants, can degrade over time or due to excessively harsh weather. Also, when a leak occurs, a homeowner may wait to have it repaired or replaced until it is time to get a replacement roof. Waiting too long can make the problem worsen over time.

Defective Skylight

While a defective skylight is the least common problem, it can happen. Often there is no way for the installer or contractor to fix any leaking issues in these cases as the problem can only be fixed by the manufacturer. Also, trying to fix a defective skylight may only create worse problems if it is left on the roof.

If the skylight itself is to blame, a contract can document a defect so you have evidence for the manufacturer. Depending on the manufacturer’s warranty, they may issue a refund or provide a new skylight free of charge.

Additional Information

One thing to always avoid when dealing with a leaky skylight is to put the repairs off until later. A leak skylight requires immediate attention to avoid costly damage to the entire roofing system.

Here at Brandstetter’s KangaRoof, we install and repair skylights for homeowners in the Cincinnati region. Contact us today if you are dealing with this issue. We can provide solutions so you have a safe and dry home.