Our Team

Our team is built on a foundation of hard work, craftsmanship, and honesty! We are a proactive group of individuals who care deeply about the customers which we serve. We set the bar high for ourselves, and it shows in our work.

Scroll over each teammates photo to see our fun, quirky side!


Duane BrandstetterOwner/President
Jacob BrandstetterVice President/HR Manager
Terry JusticeWarehouse/Fleet Manager
Joe DillsSales Account's Manager
Richard MeeksAccounting Manager

Sales Team

Ben ClarkSales Specialist
Logan WallaceSales Specialist
Chris KassonSales Specialist
Gerrit Richelson Sales Specialist
Bill RoarkSales Technician
Greg IkerSales Technician

Office Staff

Diana LucyHead Customer Care Representative
Nicholas MurphyService Manager


Mike SingerRepair Technician
John FreemanRepair Technician
Johnny WatkinsRepair Technician
Mark BrandstetterRepair Technician

Quality Control

Doug OaksQuality Control Inspector


David DamonTechnician's Apprentice
Jacob MeadorsTechnician's Apprentice