Our Team

Duane Brandstetter
Duane Brandstetter
President, Owner
Duane is a roofing and home maintenance connoisseur who takes great pride in the ownership of his successful Cincinnati-based roofing business. He started roofing at an early age and has loved it ever since. Duane joined the US Army during Desert Storm and shortly after, he opened Brandstetter’s Kanga Roof in 1998. Since then, he enjoys overseeing the day to day business activities and gets great satisfaction from seeing how far they’ve come since their inception. Duane is a hard working leader who enjoys helping both employees and customers with their home repair needs. When Duane isn’t busy working (which he seems to be always working), he enjoys bible studying, frisbee golfing, loves to watch Cincinnati sports teams (lose, haha!) and of course enjoys spending time with his lovely wife and children.
Jacob BrandstetterJacob Brandstetter
Roof Specialist
Jacob is a third generation roofer and son to our President, Duane. He has been around the trade his whole life, despite not knowing at first if this was the right career for him. As he got older, he developed a greater interest in the company and working for his father. In 2014, Jacob made the great leap to start working for Brandstetter’s Kanga Roof and has never looked back. Jacob continues to thank Tim Hall, who was one of his mentors who has been in the roofing business for over 30 years. Jacob takes great pride in his relationships with our customers and stands behind the ethics and standards that this company is run by. When Jacob isn’t working hard, he’s reading books, studying the bible, being out in nature or spending time with his beautiful wife and two children.
Joshua BrandstetterJoshua Brandstetter
Roof Specialist
Joshua is a soon to be roofing specialist who takes great pride in his career! Joshua is a son to our owner, Duane and we are so happy to have him in the family business. Joshua works closely with customers to inspect roofs, give quotes to customers, do minor roofing repairs and enhance the customer experience. Joshua has always been interested in the roofing business, but it wasn’t until recently that he decided roofing was just the right spot for him. He loves the day-to-day opportunities he has to make people’s lives better and develop emotional connections with our customers. When Joshua isn’t busy with his laundry list of tasks, you can find him taking photos as photography is his greatest passion. He loves nature, hiking and reading when he gets time.
Michael SingerMichael Singer
Repair Tech
Michael has been in the roofing business since 1992! Michael is our roofing expert for all things diagnosing and repair! Michael is very devoted to our customers and is extremely hard working. His favorite thing about the job is solving customer’s problems and for that, we are so thankful! You can find Michael doing a wonderful job in handling our customer’s needs, figuring out what is causing an issue in their homes and repairing each and every problem that Michael diagnoses. When Michael isn’t working hard for Brandstetter’s Kanga Roof, you can find him listening to a variety of music as well as enjoying one of his main loves, cars!
Bill RoarkBill Roark
Production Manager
Bill Roark has been in the roofing business for over 18 years! Bill is responsible for scheduling and organizing jobs for all the crews and we’re so glad he does. He also prides himself in keeping up with distributor pricing to make sure that our customers get the biggest bang for their buck. Thanks, Bill! Bill enjoys the working environment at Brandstetter’s Kanga Roof and absolutely loves the people he works with, most especially, our customers! When Bill isn’t busy working, you can find him playing golf and hanging out with his awesome family.
Terry JusticeTerry Justice
Quality Control Specialist
Terry is known around here as the fella who makes sure we are doing things safely and properly. As a Quality Control Specialist, Terry is busy inspecting job sites, posting job inspections, ensuring that the team follows OSHA safety regulations, assists with bids for new roofs and roof repairs and is always willing to help out when needed. With over 25 years of experience, his name should really be ‘Johnny On the Spot’. Terry enjoys teaching and helping others and will do whatever it takes to get the job done right the first time. When Terry isn’t busy working hard, you can find him hanging with his family, playing golf and even fishing!
Jason BenkenJason Benken
Roof Tech
Jason is our Mr. Fix It! As a roof tech, Jason is responsible for meeting with the customers at their homes, finding out what is wrong with their house, writing up a quality proposal and then gaining their business. He does a great job! Jason started working for Brandstetter’s Kanga roof, two weeks after the hurricane blew through Cincinnati over 10 years ago. Jason has a great sense of humor and quick reflexes which helps him battle against gravity every day – thank goodness! He enjoys helping with things that maybe the homeowner couldn’t do on their own. When Jason isn’t busy on the roof, you can find him hanging with the family, taking them to places they’ve never seen before, mountain climbing and camping.
Diana LucyLucy
Customer Care Representative
Lucy is our customer care extraordinaire! Lucy is responsible for keeping us on schedule and inline! It’s a tough job but she’s got this covered! She works very hard at managing the job schedule, answering the phones, emailing customers and prospects as well as creating work orders for our customers. We are so grateful for her organizational skills. Lucy is best known for her dedication, loyalty and hardworking nature. She enjoys making her customers and co-workers smile! And we can honestly say she does just that. When Lucy isn’t busy at the office, you can find her spending time with her family, going to live music events, hanging out on the lake or the beach, cooking and enjoying movies!
Timothy HallTimothy Hall
Service Tech
Timothy Hall has proudly been in the roofing business for over 38 years! As a professional service technician, you can find Timothy doing repairs, striving to keep customers happy as well as training employees about roofing and all that it entails. He truly is one of the best in the biz as they say! Timothy is an extremely hard working individual who deals with customers very well and always puts them first. He enjoys working with customers and co-workers and teaching others about how roofing works so they can better understand the process! When Timothy isn’t working hard for Brandstetter’s Kanga Roof, you’ll find him traveling a whole lot, riding motorcycles and spending time with his lovely family.