Siding Repair

In addition to enhancing your home’s appearance, siding also serves the very important job of protecting the structural integrity of your Cincinnati home from the elements.┬áRecent changes made to the Ohio building code now require that a moisture barrier be installed underneath the new siding.

Whether your siding problems have to do with form or function, Brandstetter’s KangaRoof is the Greater Cincinnati area team to trust for siding repair. As a long-standing business in the area, we value our reputation and are committed to serving our customers to their complete satisfaction.

We will evaluate your Cincinnati home and provide an honest assessment of your siding repair needs. Our upfront estimates are based on consideration of a variety of factors:

  • Whether areas are high or difficult to access
  • Home elevation – on hill or unleveled ground
  • Current cladding – vinyl, aluminum, concrete fiber*
  • Whether post-repair painting will be needed

We do a thorough evaluation so you will know exactly what to expect, from siding repairs provided by our Cincinnati team, to the price you will pay.

* At this time, we do not repair concrete or stucco finishes