Have you always dreamed of having a skylight in your home but were concerned about leaks or energy efficiency? Maybe you’ve been longing to replace a skylight that causes you nothing but problems? Brandstetter’s Kanga Roof can make your skylight goals a beautiful reality with VELUX Skylights which are backed by a manufacturer warranty.

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Skylights most commonly have problems due to incorrect installation or use of improper flashing materials leading to leaks or seal failure. Like windows, skylights are pressurized with different gases to offer benefits like UV protection and insulation.  When the seals holding this gas rupture, the skylight will become cloudy or milky.

Brandstetter’s Kanga Roofing exclusively installs VELUX skylights which are known for quality, style, and efficiency.  Our team uses VELUX installation kits which are specifically engineered for trouble-free installation and operation. We can customize your skylight with the ability to open and cycle air in the home or with the addition of a built-in shade. Power options include home electric, battery, or solar, and controls can be remote or wired to a wall switch.

Skylight Types:

Deck Mount – Secured directly to roof decking

Curb Mount – Secured to a curb that is framed into your roof during construction

Self-Flashing – Over-sized flange on base of unit that is manufactured with water channels to ensure water exits the roof instead of entering your home