5 Different Types of Skylights

skylight with trees outside

Skylights are an ideal option to have on a Cincinnati, OH home when you are looking to brighten up dark rooms, provide extra ventilation, and allow you to relax while looking out at the weather. There are several different types of skylights available. Selecting the right skylight can allow you to have the appropriate option for the room and take advantage of the benefits.

Fixed Skylights

Fixed skylights are rectangular in shape and are stationary pieces. They do not open as they allow the natural light to flow unimpeded into the home. These skylights are suitable for a
large variety of spaces, such as bedrooms, living areas, office spaces, and other rooms no matter the size or shape. While fixed skylights don’t provide ventilation, they are affordable and can increase the natural light that enters the room.


How to Replace Your Home’s Gutter

man replacing gutters

Gutters are an integral part of your roofing system. They redirect water to keep it away from the foundation, siding, and interior walls of the home. Gutters can prevent moisture from seeping behind the walls to cause interior rot and mold problems. Learn more about the signs that it is time to replace the gutters and the process of gutter replacement.

Signs Indicating Gutter Replacement

Knowing what to look for will allow you to fix the problem early before it becomes a bigger and costlier problem. These signs include outlines of visible damage, such as cracks, leaks, corrosion, and other signs of deterioration, the gutters sagging and pulling away from the house, and interior water damage. Sagging and pulling away from the house is a structural issue that may also require roof repairs to remedy. Interior water damage may show up as water stains and/or mold along the drywall as well as peeling paint.


Why a Quality Roof Might Save You Money on Winter Heating

snow pile on roof

Winter weather with snowy conditions to extremely low temperatures can have you turning up the thermostat to keep warm and to prevent the water pipes from freezing. However, no matter how high you raise the thermostat, it may still feel cold and drafty in the rooms. While winterizing windows and doors can help with the cold drafts, having a quality roof can also help protect your home from the winter elements while also saving you money on heating costs.


Unique Roof Decorations and Ideas to Elevate Your Home’s Appeal

layered roof with gardens

Roof decorations can make your home stand out in the neighborhood. These decorations can simply highlight the architectural aspects of the home, enhance your daily lifestyle, or even offer increased roof protection. The type of roof decoration to select will depend on the size and pitch of the roof, the type of upkeep that will be performed after the installation, and the costs.


Can Roof Replacement Impact Your Home’s Resale Value?

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Regular home maintenance helps to enhance the curb appeal of your home. It allows the home to stay in great condition for your family as well as maintaining or increasing the value of the property. When thinking about home maintenance, we most often consider it as mowing the lawn, upgrading doors and windows, and fixing the siding.

Unfortunately, the roof can often be overlooked in a home maintenance plan due to its height and complexity, which can hurt the protection of your home and the potential resale value. Getting roof replacement from a Cincinnati roofing company can have a positive impact by increasing the resale value of the home.


Roof Repair or Roof Replacement? Which One Is Best for You?

water leak in ceiling

Roofing problems need to be addressed as soon as possible to prevent further damage and instability to your home. Two of the options available from your typical Cincinnati roofing company are roof repair and roof replacement. Deciding between these two services can become confusing when seeking the best cost-effective solution. By learning to assess the roof issues, you will understand which type of roof solutions will fix the problems without overspending your budget.


Why You Shouldn’t Delay Replacing Your Roof

old roof that needs repair

A roof is an important interconnected system that provides safety, integrity, and security to your Cincinnati home. If any part of that system is damaged, it can impact other aspects of the house including the walls, insulation, and windows. An old or damaged roof can also harm the financial security of your house when it comes to getting insurance or selling the property. Here are several dangers that can happen when you delay on getting your roof replaced.


How to Shield Your Cincinnati Roof from Hail Damage

hail on metal roof

Hailstorms can wreak havoc on the structural integrity of your roof. Your roof receives the brunt force of the storm as the amount of damage that can be caused can be significant depending on the size of the hailstone. Yet even small hailstones on an aged roof that is in poor condition could create problems. Read on to learn about how to protect your Cincinnati roof from this damage.


Best Essential Fall Roof Maintenance Checklist

fallen leaves on the roof

With the autumn leaves falling from trees and the neighbors putting out their holiday decorations, it’s time to get your home ready to weather through the Cincinnati winter months. You will need to check and repair the siding, windows, and roof for damage and have the problems repaired. If you are wondering how to start, check out this essential fall roof maintenance checklist.