What to Know Before Roof Installation

Person installing roofing

Do you plan to get a new roof because your old one has been damaged or reached the end of its life? Perhaps you just moved into a new home and want to replace the roof, or will you add a second story to the home and need a new roof installed? Before picking up the phone and calling the nearest contractor to perform roof installations in Cincinnati, there are several things to know about when it comes to getting such a big project done.

Don’t Rush When Selecting a Company

Selecting the first company you find may not be right for your home or your budget. There are many disreputable companies out there who drastically slash […]

Why You Should Leave Reviews for Your Home Service Companies

Person leaving reviews

After getting home services from a Cincinnati roofing contractor, they may ask you for an honest review of the experience. Whether you had a good or bad experience, it is always advisable to give your honest opinion regarding the work that was performed. Reviews can help both companies and potential customers learn more about the contractor’s services. Here are several reasons why you should leave a home service review:

Offers Important Information for Other Homeowners

Roughly 96% of people rely on reviews from other customers before getting home services from a company. Giving a review allows them to understand the types of projects that the company excels at and what may be lacking in their services. It’s an important […]

How to Know It’s Time for Gutter Repair

Gutter Repair

You want to ensure your house remains safe and comfortable all year round. Keeping it dry and waterproof ensures that dangerous mold and mildew do not grow inside the walls or roof. You also want to prevent water from getting along the foundation of the home, so it doesn’t enter and cause water leakage or instability problems. Gutters are your best defense against water intrusion by redirecting rainwater from the roof away from the exterior walls and foundation.

However, gutters do not last forever. They experience heavy rain, winds, and ice throughout the year. Just like a roofing system experiencing the end of its lifecycle needs repairs and replacement, your gutters also need occasional repairs to keep them in good condition. Here are some warning signs to look for that will tell you to get your gutter repaired:


What to Look for In a Good Commercial Service Provider

Commercial roofing and chimney

Finding a good commercial service provider to take care of your business’ structural and mechanical systems makes a big difference. You don’t want to worry about the performed work being inferior or having the repairs causing more costly damage. You also don’t want to worry about spending too much on the work or trying to get the work finished, based on reasonable deadlines. There are several things that you should look for to ensure that you’ve found a reliable service provider.

Good Reputation

A good commercial service provider should gladly provide information regarding their expertise in their chosen field. They should show that their company has been around for several years working in the area of service that you require work in. They should also show that they work in your region and have a solid customer base of satisfied clients. Always check out any reviews and testimonials to understand what customers are saying about the company. Don’t just rely on a single source for these reviews. Gather as many testimonials as you can from various places and compare them with each other to gain a better understanding of the company.


Four Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Home

Cluttered Office Space

When you first purchase a home, you may think it will be the only home that you will ever live in. However, life changes can happen in an instant. From starting a family to having your elderly parents move in, the house may start to feel overcrowded, too small, or just not right for you. There are several signs to look for that could be clear indicators that you’ve outgrown your home and may want to renovate, remodel, or move entirely to suit your present and future needs.

Changes to Family Size

Major life changes are always clear indicators that the house isn’t living up to your expectations. The house may feel overcrowded with kids, relatives, and even pets. If you run out of spare space to hold all your possessions, or your family has to share bedrooms, the house may feel too small. The opposite also holds true. A house may feel too large for your present needs. If family moves out or your kids go to college, the home can be too large to maintain or you may not know what to do with the spare bedrooms.


Our Best Tips for Maintaining Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding Maintenance

Many homeowners select vinyl siding due to its longevity, beauty, and minimal maintenance costs. Vinyl siding can last for decades, but only if it is taken care of correctly. Check out our best tips on how to maintain your siding so it remains in good condition and lasts for a long time.

Clean Regularly

Don’t just rely on the rain to wash off surface dirt. Grime, stains, mildew, mold, and residues can set into the siding if left on the surface. So you want to perform periodic cleanings to prevent these problems from ruining your siding.


Five Things to Look Out for When Viewing a Home

What to look for when viewing a home

When spring weather arrives, more people will be out looking at homes to purchase for a big move. They will be checking out the interiors to make sure that there is enough space for the family while also seeing what types of views they have from their backyards. However, there are some major things to evaluate on their home that could signal that the home needs serious repairs. Also, there may be some situations that could cause future problems if they are not addressed early on. Here are 5 things to look out for when evaluating homes to purchase.

Property Trees

Trees offer a great shady place for the family to have some backyard fun on hot days. Yet they can also pose serious risks when they are close to the house. Look to see how close large trees are to the house. Even if the trees aren’t close enough to fall in the direction of the house during dangerous storms, the canopy can stretch out and over the roof. The branches can poke through the shingles and drop leaves to clog gutters.


What to Consider When Budgeting for a New Roof

Budgeting new roof expenses

When it comes to budgeting your money for a new roof, there is never a basic setlist of prices. Each home is different, based on the size and complexity of the roof. There will also be major differences depending on the type of damage that may be present for the roof, and the materials that will be used for repairs or replacement. Here are some considerations when you are planning to budget your finances toward a new roof:

Obtain Inspections

Before starting your budget, you need to understand what you are budgeting for when it comes to the roof. Obtaining a roof inspection at the very beginning allows you to gain a clearer picture of the true state of your roof. The roofing contractor may spot other issues that cannot be seen from the ground that should be repaired or replaced. With this information, you can determine whether your roof only needs repairs or if you’ll need to get a new roof.


Big Home Maintenance Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring cleaning and home maintenance

People are getting ready for the annual spring cleaning. While most people focus on getting each room cleaned up and organized, your spring cleaning should also involve getting some big home maintenance projects done. Here are some ways to create the perfect checklist to ensure all the projects are done right.


Now with the warmer weather here, you want to inspect all areas of the home. Start from the foundation and get all the way to checking for leaks, damaged siding, drafty windows, and roof problems. Also check all your home’s interior systems, such as your central air, furnace, and air conditioning units.


How to Prep Skylights for the Spring Sunshine

Skylight Spring Maintenance

After the winter, your skylights may look a little dirty and in need of repair. Before the spring sunshine and rain comes to visit your home, you want to get them clean and in working order. Here are a few ways to prep the skylights for spring:

Clean Skylights

Dirt, dust, and grime can get on the inside and outside of skylights. You do not need any heavy industrial cleaner. A simple mild soap and some water can help loosen the dirt and grime along the crevices and across the surface. To get the glass shiny, a mild glass cleaner that is non-abrasive and a soft pad works well for skylights.