Dangers of a Neglected Chimney

Chimney Neglect

You know your chimney needs maintenance, but do you know why? Find out the hidden dangers of a neglected chimney, then learn how Brandstetter’s KangaRoof can help.

Creosote buildup

Creosote is a natural substance that develops when wood is burned in your fireplace. Since it’s highly combustible, creosote poses a fire hazard unless Ii is regularly removed by a chimney sweep. To protect your home, have the chimney swept out annually.


Best Way to Clean Your Skylights

Looking up at a skylight in a roof

A dirty skylight lets less light into the home than a clean skylight. Find out the best way to clean skylights so you can enjoy a well-lit home.

Know Safety Basics

Since skylights are installed out of reach, you’ll need a ladder to reach them. Take care when working from heights and use safety equipment to reduce the risk.

Before cleaning, read the instructions on any cleaning products you use, as well as any safety instructions for other equipment.


Five Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Shingles decaying and falling away

Renovating a home can be exciting, but it can also be stressful. Find out the most common mistakes with home renovation so you can avoid them!

1. Setting an unrealistic budget

It isn’t uncommon for the price of a home renovation to go up part way through. If you don’t budget for these overruns, you’ll have sticker shock. Rather than flip out when costs skyrocket, pad your budget with an extra 20 percent to cover any surprises.


How Do I Decide on Home Renovation Projects?

New kitchen interior

Whether you’re dying to replace an outdated bathroom or bracing for the cost of a new furnace, you know that home renovations are sometimes necessary. What is often less clear is how to decide on what project to tackle next. Learn how to plan for and prioritize home improvements.

See What Your Neighbors Have Done

As you’re thinking about what to do next, take a walk around the neighborhood to see what the neighbors have done. This helps you keep in mind that value of your area and avoid over-investing in fancy home improvements that would look out of place in your community. If you notice that your roof looks shabby compared to everyone else’s, for example, it’s probably a sign that you could use a roof replacement.


3 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Vinyl Siding

Home exterior and facade

Vinyl siding can be an attractive and durable choice for home siding, provided you take care of the material. Learn three easy ways you can keep your vinyl siding not only looking great but protecting your home for years to come.

1. Check things out

Once or twice a year, walk around your home and look at your siding–really look at it. You’ll want to make sure all the siding is intact (not hanging loose or chipped), free of mildew and mold, and in good condition. Damage can occur underneath the siding, so get up close. If the siding looks stained or streaky, there could be water damage underneath.


How Long Does It Take to Build a Custom Home?

Custom home being built

Building a home from scratch is one way to get everything you want in a house, but the process is not for everyone. Building a new home often costs more and takes longer than anticipated–but exactly how long are builders talking?

Average Time to Build a New Home

New homes take an average of nine months to build when they are custom. Choosing a production home will decrease the build time to six months on average.


Top Maintenance Services to Hire Out as a Commercial Business

Commercial business landlords have a lot on their plate. Outsourcing can reduce the burden while keeping commercial property in the best shape for tenants and guests. Yet what services should be outsourced? These are popular maintenance services commercial businesses choose to hire out.


Landscaping is among the most popular services to outsource, because commercial tenants and their guests appreciate curb appeal. A landscaping company can take care of the grass, water established plantings, and create low-maintenance plantings that accent the building’s entrance and make everyone feel welcome. […]

Signs You’re Working with a Quality Roofing Contractor

Tool belt sitting on a roof

The integrity and professionalism of your contractor can make or break your roofing replacement project…but just how do you verify that a contractor is reputable before you hire them? Look for these six traits to know you’re in good hands.

They provide information you request

When bidding on a project, a contractor should provide you with any information you request, whether it’s a scope of work, fully fleshed-out bid, or references. If someone drags their heels or defers getting you something you’ve asked for, they’re not a good choice. […]