Brandstetter’s Kanga Roof Is Giving Away a Free Roof!

Veteran Roof Giveaway. Submit a photo of your roof and tell us why you deserve a brand new one.

Brandstetter’s Kanga Roof is proud to support the US Military by offering a FREE roof to a tri-state military family in need. From now until early December, Brandstetter’s Kanga Roof is accepting applications from deserving armed forces veterans to be considered for the FREE roof giveaway.

Each applicant is required to provide their contact and service information, along with a heartfelt story explaining why the applicant deserves a new roof. The Brandstetter team will not be selecting a winner at random, but […]

Benefits of Seamless Gutters

When selecting gutters, you have a choice between sectional and seamless gutters. Seamless gutters cost more than sectional gutters, but they offer additional benefits which may make it worth your while. Review the top 5 benefits of seamless gutters to decide if they’re right for you. Great Fit Seamless gutters are sized for an exact[…]

Costs to Consider as a Commercial Property Owner

By opening themselves up to commercial properties, real estate investors can broaden their opportunities and their income potential. While there are many advantages to investing in commercial property, there are some costs to consider before you move ahead. Initial Investment Commercial properties come at a higher price point than residential properties, which means that you[…]

How to Clean Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is cost effective for many homeowners; however, it can attract mold and mildew. Find out the best way to clean your vinyl siding by hand or using a pressure washer. Vinyl Siding Cleaning Solution You can make a vinyl siding cleaning solution using commonly found household products. Select a bleach or a vinegar[…]

How Important is Roofing Insulation?

Home in the process of being constructed

Data from the Department of Energy reveals that as much as 44 percent of your home or commercial building’s energy usage comes from running your heating and cooling system. Furthermore, if you don’t have enough insulation, as much as one quarter of your energy usage could be wasted year round. Roofing insulation is very important for both your comfort and […]

Signs Your Commercial Roof Needs Attention

Plates of a roof

Roofs are a very important part of your commercial building, yet when is the last time you had yours checked out? Odds are it’s been awhile, because like the old saying goes, your roof is out of sight, so it’s out of mind. Let us share with you three warning signs that your commercial roof may need attention from a professional roofer.

Poor Workmanship

You get what you pay for with roof installation as with any services. Unfortunately many commercial building owners […]

The Basics of a Residential Roof Replacement

Colorful roofing tile

While there are some home repair jobs that handy homeowners can take on themselves, roof repair isn’t one. Letting a roofing contractor come in and replace the roof means stepping back from taking control and letting someone else handle all the details. That can be easier once you understand what happens during a residential roofing replacement.


Asphalt shingles may be the most common roofing material used, but they are far […]

Top 5 Roofing Problems

Wooden Trusses of a roof

To take good care of your roof, you need a solid understanding of what could go wrong with it. Learn the top five roofing problems in Cincinnati today.


Do strange sounds keep you up at night? It could be squirrels, mice, or raccoons in your attic. While a pest control company can help you get the creatures out of the attic, you’ll want to follow up with roof repair to seal any holes. Otherwise, the problem will just repeat.

Roof Leaks

A leaky roof is a recipe for water damage. Your roof should be a watertight barrier between your […]

How to Make Your Fireplace Energy Efficient

Roaring Fire in a fire place

You may think of your fireplace as something that keeps your home warm and cozy, but did you know it is actually an energy drain on your home? Traditional fireplaces draw hot air up the chimney where it vents outside and push cold outside air into the home. You’ll feel a chill and your heating system will have to work harder.

How to Make Your Fireplace Energy Efficient

Get in the habit of closing the fireplace damper whenever you’re not using the fireplace. If your home […]

Common Causes for Roof Repairs

Tool belt on laying on a roof by itself

With roof work, early detection is key, because you can get the roof repaired before the problem worsens. Find out common reasons you’ll need a roof repair, so you can contact a professional roofer as soon as you notice symptoms

Damaged Shingles

Shingles should be intact, so any time you notice damage to the shingles, it’s a warning sign. Shingles can begin to crack, curl, or lift off the roof under pressure from high winds–all signs they may need to be replaced. Shingle granules can also come loose; if they accumulate in gutters, it can cause a drainage issue. Have a roofer check out your shingles if you notice any […]