Basement Leak? Check Your Gutter

If your basement has a leak, the origin may come as a surprise: It could be your roof gutters contributing to the problem. Learn how clogged gutters cause basement leaks and what you can do about it.

How Gutters Lead to Basement Leaks

If you don’t clean out gutters, drainage can become blocked with wet leaves, twigs, and other debris. Just like your sink gets standing water when there’s something blocking the drain, your gutters will stay full of water until you clear the clog.

Water can seep underneath the roofing system or soak through asphalt shingles when it can’t drain through the gutters. Once water get inside, there’s no telling how far it will travel. Often, you notice one day there’s a pool of water in the basement or water stains on the ceiling.

Now that you see the connection between your gutters and your basement leak, clean out your gutters, so they’ll drain properly the next time it rains.

For best results, we recommend that you clean your gutters twice a year, ideally in the spring and fall. This way, you can avoid ice dams or water damage resulting from heavy spring rains. […]

Chimney Repairs You Should Consider Today

If you’re like most people, you only think about your chimney in the winter, when you want to use the fireplace and are having it inspected as a precaution. Often that means waiting until someone can get up on the roof to make the repairs. We think it’s a better use of time to repair your chimney now, so it’s ready to go when you need it. Here are top chimney repairs to consider.

Replace flashing components

If your chimney’s flashing is worn out, water will seep through it and you will experience chimney leaks. Once water is inside the chimney, it will damage the brick and mortar, compounding your chimney problems. Repair flashing before things get bad to avoid unnecessary (and expensive) repairs.

Mortar cap

A mortar cap keeps water from sinking behind the bricks or getting into the flue, where it can then make its way into your home. Let us repair or replace a worn mortar cap to preserve the integrity of your chimney. […]

What Happens When You Ignore That Leak

You may have heard that putting off roof repairs is one of the worst things you can do, but do you really know why? Learn four risks you’ll have to confront if you hold off on calling a Cincinnati roofer over a drip coming from the roofing system.

Electrical Damage

As water makes its way from the roof line into your home, it comes into contact with all the components of your electrical system. The resulting damage could trip your circuit breaker or, in a worst case scenario, cause an electrical fire. There is also a risk of personal injury. Needless to say, this is highly dangerous and nothing you should leave to chance. […]

How to Finance Your Roof

Too many homeowners tell us they waited to call about a concern over worry they would not be able to pay for roof repairs. Unfortunately, delays like this can cause roofing problems to worsen — and that leads to a higher repair bill. It’s easy to finance a roof repair, so you can get the financial help you need to keep your home in good shape. Let us walk you through how to finance a roof repair.

Identify Roofing Problems

Until you know what’s gone wrong and how to fix it, you can’t plan for roof repair. Lenders often want to know the total amount of the repair to approve financing. Thus while it may seem like a step backward, you should always start with finding out what is wrong and how much it costs to fix it. At Brandstetter’s Kanga Roof, we offer free estimates which are intended to help homeowners understand the roofing problem and repair process, including expected costs. […]

Top 3 Spring Residential Roofing Tips

When it comes to spring cleaning, it can be easy to overlook your roof because it’s not easy to access. Neglecting your roof, even if it’s unintentional, can cause damage over time. To help you take good care of your roof, let us show you three residential roofing maintenance tips you can implement in spring.

Clean the Gutters

You might be thinking, “I just cleaned the gutters in fall – now I need to clean them again?” The short answer is yes. […]

Roof Replacement vs. Repair: What’s Right For You?

Replacing a roof can be a major expense, but roof repair may not always be the practical option. So how should you decide what to do, replace or repair your roof?

When to Choose Roof Repair Over Replacement

Consider age, area of repair, and extent of damage when thinking of roof repair. If your roof sustained damage while it was still young, thus has a lengthy expected lifespan, repair makes sense. When less than 30 percent of the roof is damaged, repair can be an economic option. When the roof damage is relatively minor, repair can make sense as well.

When to Choose Roof Replacement Over Repair

Replacement is usually more […]

How to Choose the Right Shingle Color

How to choose the right shingle color

Shingle color may not be something you give much thought to, but it can impact your home’s curb appeal. When replacing a roof, what color shingles should you choose? Here are the three guidelines we give our clients when thinking about shingle color.

1. Survey the Neighborhood

In some cases, blending in with your neighbors can be a good thing. To get inspiration and see how colors might look on your home, walk around your neighborhood and evaluate the neighbors’ roofs. While you’re always free to choose a bold color that no one else has, understand that your house could stick out — like a sore thumb!

If you belong to a homeowner’s association, there may be rules regarding shingle color and failure to follow these rules could lead to trouble. Always check in so you don’t run afoul of the HOA rules by selecting an unapproved color. […]

Save Big Money by Getting a Professional Roof Inspection

Sometimes you need to spend money to make money (or save money). In the roofing industry, that means investing in roofing inspections, which can prevent you from the shock and financial sting of an unexpected roof repair that caught you unawares. Learn how you will save money over the lifetime of your roof when you invest in routine roofing inspections.

What is a Roofing Inspection?

During a roofing inspection, a service technician climbs up on your roof, inspects all elements of the roof, and takes note of anything that needs to be repaired or looks like it may be failing. At Brandstetter’s Kanga Roof, we perform a 17-point roofing analysis that looks at everything from the health of your shingles to the seal around your chimney flashing.

Our technicians will make any needed repairs during the inspection, whenever possible. Our technicians will also let you know the condition of your roof including the amount of remaining useful life. […]

Staying Safe During DIY Roofing Projects

Whether you want to save money or enjoy the challenge of learning new home improvement skills, there are times you might opt to tackle roofing repairs yourself. As Cincinnati residential roofers, we’ve received many calls over the years from homeowners who started a DIY roof project and realized they were in over their head. Let us present some safety tips for DIY roofing work gleaned from our roofing experience.

Safety Tips for DIY Roof Repair

Take the time before you start to learn about the planned repair and gather the right supplies. When you have everything on hand, you can minimize your trips up and down the ladder, where slips are more likely. Something people often overlook is a broom to clear debris from the roof. All it takes is one slip on a moldy leaf to fall, so it’s vital that you sweep off the roof before undertaking any task. Footwear is another often-overlooked item. You’ll want footwear that is non-slip, with good treads.

Always check the weather before you start roof work. Work only on clear days when rain is not forecast. The best time to work on the roof is midmorning, when the morning dew has evaporated but the heat of the day hasn’t fully set in. Avoid working on your roof too close to dusk, as your visibility can become compromised. […]