Signs Your Home Has Curb Appeal

Houston home with curb appeal

Curb appeal sells homes: it generates interest, gets home buyers to take a tour, and can even increase an offer because buyers have already fallen in love with the property. But how do you know when your home has curb appeal?

Manicured Lawn

A lush, green lawn is one of the most important signs of curb appeal. If the grass is patchy and dead, home buyers will wonder what else in the house has been neglected. Sow fresh grass seed to rejuvenate a tired lawn, or invest in a landscaping service who can tend to the lawn so it looks lush. […]

Can Installing Skylights Save You Money?

Home sketched out in white on the top of a grassy hill

Skylights are one of the best ways to brighten up a home that’s low on natural light, but one of the first questions most people have is “how much will this cost?” While skylights do have an upfront cost you’ll need to budget for, in many cases they often save you money over their lifetime.

How Skylights Save Money

Skylights aren’t guaranteed to save you money, but they can save you money if you understand how to position them and how to use them to reduce energy expenses. […]

Signs Your Home Only Needs a Roof Repair

Home on the end of a cul-de-sac

If you can’t get up on the roof to check things out, how do you know when it needs repair? These 6 signs will help you tell when a roof needs to be serviced, so you can schedule repair by a roofing professional.

Shingles are damaged

One of the biggest signs your roof needs repair is when shingles are damaged (cracked, curling, or split) or missing altogether. Have shingles fixed before water leaks through damaged or missing shingles. […]

Five Things Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Brick home

Homes don’t come with user manuals…which means that many homeowners aren’t doing everything they really should be doing to protect their investment. To prevent home damage and protect your investment in your home, review these 5 things homeowner should know, but might not.

1. Shut off the water before you leave for a prolonged period

Before you leave your home for vacation, even if it’s only a weekend, shut off the main water valve. Otherwise, you risk coming home to a flooded basement and extensive water damage that’ll cost thousands of dollars to cover. Sure, home insurance reduces your out-of-pocket spend, but it only takes a minute to turn off the water and protect your home. […]

Best Roof for Solar Panels

Solar Panels on roof

As solar panels have come down in cost, they’ve become more popular. If you’re thinking of getting solar panels, does it matter what kind of roof you have?

What’s the Best Roof for Solar Panels?

Solar panels are a big upfront investment, but most homeowners break even in eight years. After that, the savings add up each money when you get your electricity free from the sun.
Metal roofs with standing seams are the best roof for […]

Signs It’s Time for a Gutter Replacement

Sparrows sitting in a gutter

Gutters are your home’s first line of defense against water damage. When gutters themselves become damaged, they cannot do their job, leaving your home at risk of water damage. Read on to learn common warning signs it’s time for a gutter replacement.

Gutters have cracks or holes

Gutters develop holes or cracks as they age, often at the seams where the material is connected. You’ll know that your gutters have […]

What to Do If a Tree Falls on Your Roof?

Dimly lit photograph of a home in a deep fog

A tree falling on your home is a major emergency homeowners hope never happens to them. But high winds and strong storms do cause tree limbs and trees to fall. Know what to do in case a tree falls on your house so you can take quick action to protect your family and your home.

Stay Safe

The first thing to do if a tree falls on your house is to get out of the house. Evacuate everyone to safety, then call 911 as soon as you are safe. […]

What You Need to Know About Metal Roofs

Metal Roof

Metal roofs have become popular in recent years, but are they right for your home? Learn the top benefits of metal roofs to decide whether to select a metal roof or asphalt roof when you need a roof replacement.

Top Benefits of Metal Roofs

Metal roofs offer superior longevity compared with other roofs because they last upwards of fifty years.

These roofs are eco-friendly: they’re made from up to 90 […]

What Do Smart Homes Look Like Now?

Smart home connect to mobile device

A majority of homeowners have expressed interest in smart home technologies they can control from their device. Pre-existing home buyers are beginning to expect these technologies within the home, while new home buyers are expecting these features to be built into a new construction home.

Smart homes have come a long way since early gadgets such as smart thermostats or smart doorbells. These days, a smart home uses automation throughout the major home systems to increase energy efficiency, make your home more secure, and simplify your life. Explore the top desired features in […]

Top Home Investment Projects for Resale Value

Open House sign

Many people think of updating their home before putting it on the market. While home buyers appreciate these cosmetic improvements, not all projects deliver the same return on investment by bumping up the sales price. If you want to wow buyers and get the best price possible, focus on these home improvements.


It’s true what they say about first impressions: they set expectations for what’s to follow. When your home is well landscaped, buyers are primed to love what’s inside. Landscaping pays for itself, so you’ll get back what you put into it. Skipping landscaping can negatively impact buyers’ perceptions of […]