Your Guide to Chimney Issues, Repair and Maintenance

Any number of problems can cause a chimney to leak.

The longer a leaking chimney goes unnoticed or unaddressed, the more expensive the problems may become. A leaking chimney can lead to drywall damage, stains on walls and ceiling, soaked insulation and eventual mold growth. Beyond water damage, cracks in your chimney can even invite insect infestations. Paying attention to your chimney and any signs of problems can help you avoid major issues and expensive repairs.

The purpose of this guide is to familiarize readers with potential chimney issues and leak sources.

Topics include:

  • Faulty Flashing
  • Chimney Cap Problems
  • Cracks in the Chimney Crown
  • Damaged Chimney Liner
  • Leaks in the Brick
  • Loose Knots or Cracks Wood Siding
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