3 Dangers of Having an Old Roof

Roof shingles in disrepair

While it is true that many roofing materials have a lifespan of 15 years or more, your roof won’t last forever. Severe weather, harsh sunlight, and windblown debris can damage the roof on your Cincinnati home. Keeping the old roof in place without getting it repaired or replaced in a timely fashion can endanger yourself and your family. It may also lead to roof leaks that can damage your possessions. Let’s look over 3 dangers of having an old roof.

Null House Insurance Policy

Homeowners are often required by their mortgage lenders to have a house insurance policy. This policy helps to protect the home in case it becomes damaged from a range of issues. This damage may come from roof leaks, weather-related problems, wind-damage, and fallen trees. However, if you neglect your roof by avoiding maintenance and the roof becomes old, many insurance companies will null the house insurance policy even if a disaster or weather issue strikes.

For example, if your house experiences hail damage and is in good condition, the house insurance policy will cover that damage. If the roof was in poor condition before the hailstorm, the insurance company may not cover it because they are unsure whether the amount of damage that occurred came from the hailstorm or from the roof neglect.

Old Shingles Succumb to Rot or Are Blown Off

Shingles age at different rates. When you have old shingles on the home, they can start to degrade at a faster rate, allowing moisture to penetrate underneath to the roof sheathing and create rot. The shingles will also start to rot from underneath, speeding up the damage process.

The same instance occurs when an old shingle becomes loose and is blown off. Once the shingle is gone, water can penetrate unimpeded, rotting out the other surrounding shingles and the roof system.

Violations of Building Codes

Building codes are specific to certain regions. These building codes can also change, causing your old roof to fall out of code. If you don’t remedy the code violation by repairing the old roof, the warranties for the roofing materials can become void. Also, the new roofing warranties may not cover the older materials that are on your roof.

Getting your roof replaced with new materials and having it properly installed can help you avoid many of these dangers. If you have an old roof and you’d like to get it repaired or replaced, contact the professionals at Brandstetter’s KangaRoof.