Four Major Benefits of Working with a Professional Roofing Contractor

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Not every home improvement task is or even should be a DIY project. When it comes to major structural systems such as the roof, you want to hire professionals who can provide superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, and guarantees for their work. You also gain a variety of other benefits. Check out these 4 advantages of choosing a professional roofing contractor to do your roof repair or replacement.

Expertise to Do the Job Right and Safely

A professional Cincinnati roofer always evaluates the worksite to figure out the best safety plan to keep you, your family, and your property safe. They take all the necessary precautions and use the right tools to ensure that the project is completed right the first time. With years of experience, they also appeared to handle any issues that may arise with the project.


Risks of DIY Home Projects

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Many homeowners enjoy doing DIY projects. They feel as if they have greater control over how their home improvement turnouts, while getting their exact home vision. However, there are certain caveats to understand when taking on a DIY project. Learn about these risks and when it’s the right time to bring in the professionals.

Power Equipment Misuse

While power tools can speed up the work, they pose serious safety hazards when not used properly. You can end up damaging your home or injuring yourself. Before using any power tool, always read the owner’s manual regarding safety precautions. If you are unsure about its proper use, you can watch tutorial videos about how to operate the power tool correctly.


Common Red Flags When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Red Flags

When obtaining bids for roofing work, you will likely deal with countless contractors. You’ll come across roofers of all varieties from veterans, new businesses, expensive, affordable, average, and even scammers. Avoiding a Cincinnati roofing contractor who is obviously displaying red flags will allow you to hire someone who will get the job done right at a price you can afford. Here are some common warning signs to be aware of concerning disreputable or untrustworthy contractors.

Asks for Upfront Payment

It’s not unusual for a Cincinnati roofing contractor to ask for partial payments. These payments may go to ordering materials and paying labor. However, no contractor should ask for the entire project payment upfront – before any work is done. They may take the payment and never show up to complete the job.


Common Causes for a Leaky Roof

Water damage on ceiling

Hearing a dripping noise somewhere in your home is a major concern. While it can come from leaking pipes, another cause is a leaking roof. Roof leaks can become major issues as they can show that the roofing system is badly damaged and in need of immediate repairs. Check out the following common causes for a leaky roof:

Old or Damaged Shingles

Roof shingles act as a protective barrier from all weather. As the roof ages, the petrochemicals in asphalt shingles dry out, leaving the materials more prone to cracking, splitting, and curling. Also, shingles can become damaged by tree branches, hail, or other factors. Once the damage extends through the shingles, it allows water to penetrate and enter the home.


7 Items Every Homeowner Should Have

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Making your home safe and comfortable requires you to have the right tools on hand to make repairs, pay contractors, and keep everyone safe. Before settling down into your new home, make sure you have these 7 great items on hand. Also, check to make sure that the items are in good condition if you purchased them some time ago or if the previous owner left the items there for you to have.

Emergency Funds

First and foremost, emergency funds allow you to have cash on hand if something unexpected arises. The funds can pay for accidents that require medical treatment, weather-related damage, and renovation emergency funds if you are remodeling your home and find out that the project will cost more than expected.


How to Approach Roof Repair As a New Home Buyer

New home buyers

A new home buyer has a lot to deal with when getting into a new place. You want to make the interior perfect and accommodating to your lifestyle and you want to make sure you meet your mortgage responsibilities. However, there may be exterior problems that also need to be addressed. Roof damage can create issues for both the buyer and the seller of the home. Here are some tips on how to approach roof repair when you are a new home buyer.

Inspect the Roof Before Buying

A roof inspection before making the house purchase allows you to discover how the owner handled maintenance and repairs. If you discover problems at this stage, you can see whether the owner is willing to take responsibility for making the repairs. If not, then you can ask them to lower their asking price since you will have to put money into the house to get the roof repaired. 


Best Areas in the Home to Add Skylights

Skylights in kitchen

Skylights in a home are excellent ways to add more natural light when you cannot put in an extra window along the walls. A skylight can brighten dark rooms as well as help cut down on utility usage as you can save money on your electricity bill. You also can use a skylight to add more ventilation to the home. There are several places great places in your home to add in a skylight.

Finished Attic Space

Many people finish an attic space to turn it into a spare guest room, bedroom, or sitting space. A skylight works perfectly in the attic since it’s the highest place in your home that mainly consists of the roof as you may not have available wall space to fit a window. You are able to bring natural sunlight into the house along with fresh air.


8 Common Parts of Roofs

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Whether you are getting a new roof installed, roof repairs, roof replacement, or something attached to the roof such as a chimney or skylight, you may hear different terms that the contractor uses to refer to certain parts of the roof. Understanding what these particular terms mean can help you understand how the roof functions to protect your home and allow you to better spot potential problems that require immediate solutions.

Roof Deck

The roof deck is the structural foundation of the roof. It is what everything is attached to, such as the shingles, underlayment, flashing, and other roof structures. The roof deck is typically made out of plywood or wood.


How to Prep Your Roof for Solar Panels

Solar panels on roof

Many people look for ways to lower their energy bills. Solar panels placed on the roofs of homes and businesses can allow people to harness the sunlight and convert it to electricity that can be used to power their buildings while being able to sell the extra electricity back to the utility company’s grid. If you are considering placing solar panels on your roof, it’s important to learn about the benefits and how to prep your roof for installation.

Benefits of Solar Panels on Roofs

A roof can make a great location for a solar panel. Since the panels will sit at the top of the home, it will have access to both direct and indirect sunlight for the entire day. Typically, there will be no obstacles that will obscure the solar panels, such as smaller buildings, bushes, and trees. It can also be protected more from accidents that could damage the panels if they were placed close to the ground. Before installing the panels, keep the following factors in mind.


What to Do When Your Roof Gets Hail Damage

Snow on roof melting into gutter

Hailstorms can bring unpredictable weather that can cause significant roof damage. Hail can strip off the granules from shingles to shorten their product lifespan or penetrate the shingles to create perforations that can allow moisture to reach the roof deck and leak into the home. If your roof does experience hail damage, here are several steps to bring your roof back into good condition.

Perform a Visual Inspection

Just because a storm occurs doesn’t mean that every house on the block was hit by hail. You want to perform a visual inspection of the surrounding area of the home. Look to see if there are small dents in vehicles, if the plants are stripped of leaves, or if there has been any damage to exterior furnishings or equipment such as chairs, tables, and air conditioning units. You may also spot black shingle granules on the ground. This inspection can determine if any hail hit your home.