Commercial Building Maintenance Tasks to Stay On Top Of

Commercial building maintenance

Over the years, commercial buildings have become more complex in their efforts to reach sustainability. More systems and upgrades strive to make the building energy-efficient while maintaining productivity.

Due to trying to service all the varied systems, some parts of the building could become pushed to the bottom of the task list. This problem may lead to disrepair and serious malfunctions that threaten the safety of the building. Here are four areas of your commercial building that you should always perform tasks on with regular maintenance.


Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roofer

Person holding a hard at their side

A roof is a major household expense, and you want to have trust in the contractor you choose to do the job. Hire the right contractor for the job by asking these 5 questions when you screen roofing contractors.

1. Are you licensed in this state?

It is important to choose a contractor who is licensed in your state for several reasons. Licensing requires that contractors be up to date on building codes and other requirements, so by selecting someone who is licensed, you know they have the skills and experience to do the job.


Three Tips for Managing Maintenance of Your Commercial Property

Keeping up with maintenance needs not only helps your commercial building stay in good shape and attract tenants, it reduces your costs by taking care of problems while they are small. Use these three tips to manage commercial property maintenance needs.

1. Use a Spreadsheet or Checklist

Checklists are an easy way to make sure that nothing is skipped when it comes to maintenance needs. This can be invaluable for those who own multiple properties. Take inventory of everything that you must maintain within your buildings, such as:


Five Factors Included in Roof Replacement Cost

Home Wireframe under construction

Home Advisor prices the average roof replacement at $7,336, but there are variables that affect the cost you’ll pay for a new roof. Explore five factors that affect every estimate for roof replacement, so you can understand the bids you receive, compare financing options, and get the work you need.

1. Time of Year

When demand is high, contractors can charge higher fees for their work. You can expect to pay premium fees during the busy season for roofers, which tends to run from summer into fall. If you’re looking to save money on roofing replacement and can afford to wait, you might get a better price in a shoulder season, such as late fall or spring.


What to Expect from a Roof Inspection

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Perhaps you know that Brandstetter’s KangaRoof offers roof inspections. But what you may not know is what happens during a roof inspection and how this ultimately protects your home. Learn the common factors our technicians check for during a roofing analysis, plus how often we recommend homeowners get this inspection.

Structural Integrity

This is where it all begins: is your roof structurally sound to protect your home? During this phase of the roof inspection, our technicians will check the state of the chimney, shingles, attic venting, and overall roofing planes. While you might be able to spot a couple of missing shingles from the ground, you’ll get better mileage by sending a professional onto the roof to check things out. Roofing damage compounds over time, so its better to fix minor issues as they arise than delay repair only to increase the final costs.


Why Should You Clean Gutters in the Spring?

Gutter Guard on a roof

Spring is here, which means that it’s time to clean gutters. If you’re unsure why gutter cleaning is so important to spring home maintenance, let us tell you.

Why Cincinnati Homeowners Need Spring Gutter Cleaning

Cincinnati has seasonal climates: snowy winters, rainy springs, hot summers, and autumns where leaves shed (often clogging those very same gutters, which we recommend you clean in fall as well).

Top Maintenance Services to Hire Out as a Commercial Business

Commercial business landlords have a lot on their plate. Outsourcing can reduce the burden while keeping commercial property in the best shape for tenants and guests. Yet what services should be outsourced? These are popular maintenance services commercial businesses choose to hire out.


Landscaping is among the most popular services to outsource, because commercial tenants and their guests appreciate curb appeal. A landscaping company can take care of the grass, water established plantings, and create low-maintenance plantings that accent the building’s entrance and make everyone feel welcome. […]

Signs You’re Working with a Quality Roofing Contractor

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The integrity and professionalism of your contractor can make or break your roofing replacement project…but just how do you verify that a contractor is reputable before you hire them? Look for these six traits to know you’re in good hands.

They provide information you request

When bidding on a project, a contractor should provide you with any information you request, whether it’s a scope of work, fully fleshed-out bid, or references. If someone drags their heels or defers getting you something you’ve asked for, they’re not a good choice. […]

Can I Still Get My Roof Done During COVID-19?

Illustration of earth, regarding the covid-19 outbreak

You may have heard not to delay on roof repairs since problems can compound. But the Covid-19 outbreak has put many residential construction projects on hold and caused homeowners to rethink what’s necessary. If you need roof work amid the outbreak, rest assured – there is a way to get the work done safely. Here’s what you need to know about roof work in the Covid-19 outbreak.

Reduce Face-to-Face Exposure

The best way to keep everyone safe is to reduce physical exposure. Social distancing guidelines recommend keeping […]

What Can I Expect Rain to Do To My Roof?

Image of gutters on a home in the rain

Rain is such a common occurrence that you might not think about whether it could be harmful. The reality is that rain can impact your roof and cause property damage, but you might not notice because you aren’t thinking to look for it. Here are three ways rain can damage your roof and warning signs to look for.

Small Leaks

Small leaks can add up to significant damage. Leaks develop when water penetrates the roofing system, finding its way under shingles or worn areas of flashing. Small leaks tend to go unnoticed until the damage compounds, causing damage to drywall, wood, or other structural elements.

If you notice wet spots on walls or ceilings, peeling wallpaper or paint, or a mildewy smell, there is a hidden leak somewhere. Matters will only get worse until you find and fix the problem so make it a priority. […]