What Roof Contractors Need to Know Before Roof Service

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When it comes to roof repair or replacement, there is much more involved than just having the Cincinnati roofing contractor arrive with his team. They have to figure out what types of work needs to be performed to bring the right materials, tools, and workers. The roof installation contractor must also provide you with a quote to see if you are interested in their services.

Here are some factors that a contractor will ask about before performing the work:

Information About the Problem

A contractor does not expect you to know the root cause of the problem. Yet they will ask for general information about what you have found, such as about leaking, sagging gutters, and other issues. Then the roof repair contractor will perform an inspection and assessment to further discover what may be causing the issue.


How to Get the Most From Your Roof Service

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When hiring roofing professionals, you want to make the most out of their roof service when on the job. You are putting money into the repairs or replacement of your roofing system. Ensure that you are getting the best work, while also learning about how to maintain your roof so it lasts. Here are several things you can do when the contractors are at your home:

Ask Service-Related Questions

Contractors are skilled professionals who have years of experience in the work they provide. If you have questions regarding the roofing issue that they are there to solve, many contractors are more than willing to inform you about the work they will perform. Ask about how they will fix the issue, ways to prevent the issue from happening again, and how long the repair will last.


Benefits of Annual Inspections of Your Commercial Roof

Commercial roof inspection

Commercial operations must ensure that their facilities are running optimally every day while providing a safe environment for workers. Unfortunately, commercial roof problems may lead to costly repairs, damaged equipment, and unforeseen downtimes. Getting a quality roofing contractor in Cincinnati to perform annual inspections of a commercial roof provides your facility with a host of benefits.

Early Leak Detection

Detecting leaks when they are small can help your commercial facility avoid more severe damage that could impact how long your processes are shut down. Leaks can be difficult to find as the water can travel laterally along beams. By performing a commercial inspection, the Cincinnati contractor can […]

What to Expect from a Professional Roof Inspection

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The roof on your home is a vital structure that offers protection from the elements year-round. Scheduling a roof inspection with a Cincinnati roofing contractor allows you to check the roof for signs of problems that could become bigger and costlier issues. Then you can obtain the roof service to keep your home safe and comfortable.

There are certain things to expect during a professional roof inspection. The contractor will evaluate different parts of the roof, the materials that were used, and the previous contractor’s workmanship.

Structural Inspection

This inspection involves checking out the entire structure of the roof as well as interconnecting systems. The contractor will evaluate the planes of the roof looking for unevenness, sagging, and dips. They will also inspect the chimney, roof vents, soffit, fascia, and gutter system. They will ensure all […]

What to Look for In a Good Commercial Service Provider

Commercial roofing and chimney

Finding a good commercial service provider to take care of your business’ structural and mechanical systems makes a big difference. You don’t want to worry about the performed work being inferior or having the repairs causing more costly damage. You also don’t want to worry about spending too much on the work or trying to get the work finished, based on reasonable deadlines. There are several things that you should look for to ensure that you’ve found a reliable service provider.

Good Reputation

A good commercial service provider should gladly provide information regarding their expertise in their chosen field. They should show that their company has been around for several years working in the area of service that you require work in. They should also show that they work in your region and have a solid customer base of satisfied clients. Always check out any reviews and testimonials to understand what customers are saying about the company. Don’t just rely on a single source for these reviews. Gather as many testimonials as you can from various places and compare them with each other to gain a better understanding of the company.


Considerations to Make When Budgeting for Facility Maintenance

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Facility managers have to take into account their budgets when performing regular maintenance on the buildings and internal/external systems. You need to make sure there is enough to handle all maintenance, repairs, and upgrades for the facility without going over budget. Here are several considerations to make when budgeting for these maintenance tasks:

Create Maintenance Lists

Certain maintenance tasks have different requirements and schedules. You have reactive tasks, where the equipment or building element only needs to be addressed when requiring repairs, preventative maintenance which is checked periodically and repaired before the equipment needs a serious fix, and […]

Commercial Building Maintenance Tasks to Stay On Top Of

Commercial building maintenance

Over the years, commercial buildings have become more complex in their efforts to reach sustainability. More systems and upgrades strive to make the building energy-efficient while maintaining productivity.

Due to trying to service all the varied systems, some parts of the building could become pushed to the bottom of the task list. This problem may lead to disrepair and serious malfunctions that threaten the safety of the building. Here are four areas of your commercial building that you should always perform tasks on with regular maintenance.


Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roofer

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A roof is a major household expense, and you want to have trust in the contractor you choose to do the job. Hire the right contractor for the job by asking these 5 questions when you screen roofing contractors.

1. Are you licensed in this state?

It is important to choose a contractor who is licensed in your state for several reasons. Licensing requires that contractors be up to date on building codes and other requirements, so by selecting someone who is licensed, you know they have the skills and experience to do the job.


Three Tips for Managing Maintenance of Your Commercial Property

Keeping up with maintenance needs not only helps your commercial building stay in good shape and attract tenants, it reduces your costs by taking care of problems while they are small. Use these three tips to manage commercial property maintenance needs.

1. Use a Spreadsheet or Checklist

Checklists are an easy way to make sure that nothing is skipped when it comes to maintenance needs. This can be invaluable for those who own multiple properties. Take inventory of everything that you must maintain within your buildings, such as:


Five Factors Included in Roof Replacement Cost

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Home Advisor prices the average roof replacement at $7,336, but there are variables that affect the cost you’ll pay for a new roof. Explore five factors that affect every estimate for roof replacement, so you can understand the bids you receive, compare financing options, and get the work you need.

1. Time of Year

When demand is high, contractors can charge higher fees for their work. You can expect to pay premium fees during the busy season for roofers, which tends to run from summer into fall. If you’re looking to save money on roofing replacement and can afford to wait, you might get a better price in a shoulder season, such as late fall or spring.