Why Is My Skylight Leaking?

A Cincinnati homeowner may install a skylight into the roof to bring in more natural light into dark spaces. However, whenever you cut through the protective layers of the roofing system, care must be taken to prevent leaks that can damage materials and cause leaks whenever it rains. Here are common issues for why a skylight may leak.

Improper Installation

The majority of leaks occur due to the installation process. Manufacturers have detailed instructions regarding how to properly install their skylight products. If they followed the instructions, there should never have been any leaks on the first rain after installation. It is in the best interest of the homeowner to only work with credible and trusted professionals who have a successful history for skylight installation.


Benefits of Installing a Skylight

3 skylights and blue skies

For homes dealing with dark spaces or who are looking for ways to add more natural lighting, installing a skylight provides a viable option. Skylights are glass panels placed into the roof instead of a wall. These installations work with a variety of homes of different styles as they can offer a range of benefits.

Abundant Natural Light

Having a skylight allows more natural light to enter the room for the entire day. This feature can help with uneven light patterns from windows that can leave dark corners and other shadowed areas. You can increase the roof visibility without needing to add standing lamps and indoor light fixtures.


5 Different Types of Skylights

skylight with trees outside

Skylights are an ideal option to have on a Cincinnati, OH home when you are looking to brighten up dark rooms, provide extra ventilation, and allow you to relax while looking out at the weather. There are several different types of skylights available. Selecting the right skylight can allow you to have the appropriate option for the room and take advantage of the benefits.

Fixed Skylights

Fixed skylights are rectangular in shape and are stationary pieces. They do not open as they allow the natural light to flow unimpeded into the home. These skylights are suitable for a large variety of spaces, such as bedrooms, living areas, office spaces, and other rooms no matter the size or shape. While fixed skylights don’t provide ventilation, they are affordable and can increase the natural light that enters the room.


4 Common Issues with Skylight

old skylight

Skylights can become a great addition to the home when properly installed. They can bring in light to dim rooms and allow people to watch the weather while relaxing. However, installing a skylight is a complex process. A skylight is also prone to certain issues. The reason is that the skylight is placed on the top of the roof where it will experience the brunt of the harsh weather, UV rays, and extreme temperatures. Learn more about the 4 common issues with a skylight.


What to Expect During a Skylight Installation

Skylight Installation

Adding a window to your home can be an involved process. When it is a skylight, there are several aspects to understand as you will be changing the structure of your roof. Learn about what to expect with the process when a Cincinnati roofer adds a skylight to your home.

Costs for Skylights

Skylight materials and labor costs are usually higher than window installation. Average costs may run anywhere from $900 upwards to $2,300, as the national average is about $1,500. These prices are just estimates, as the price you are quoted may be higher or lower based on the size of the window and the complexity of the installation process.


Best Areas in the Home to Add Skylights

Skylights in kitchen

Skylights in a home are excellent ways to add more natural light when you cannot put in an extra window along the walls. A skylight can brighten dark rooms as well as help cut down on utility usage as you can save money on your electricity bill. You also can use a skylight to add more ventilation to the home. There are several places great places in your home to add in a skylight.

Finished Attic Space

Many people finish an attic space to turn it into a spare guest room, bedroom, or sitting space. A skylight works perfectly in the attic since it’s the highest place in your home that mainly consists of the roof as you may not have available wall space to fit a window. You are able to bring natural sunlight into the house along with fresh air.


Benefits of Skylights in the Winter

Skylights on side of home

Skylights offer a way to add natural light into the space from the roof area. There are many benefits to having a skylight, especially during the winter months when the rain, sleet, and snow starts to fall. Learn more about these benefits and the skylight installation and repair services offered by Brandstetter’s KangaRoof.

Provides a Great View of Winter Snowfall

If you love watching the snow fall from the sky, a skylight is the perfect front row seat to the wintry weather. You can relax on the couch and just stare up through the skylight at the cloudy sky and the snow gently falling onto the glass. You’ll always know what the weather is like outside while you stay inside all cozy and warm throughout winter.


5 Online Sites to Look for Contactors

Person searching on Google

You may need a roof inspection, repair, a new roof altogether, or things added to your roofing system such as gutters or skylights. When seeking out roofing contractors in Cincinnati, a great place to start is the Internet. There are several platforms that can help you locate contractors in your area and then allow you to narrow down your search results to the companies that offer the right services. Here are 5 online sites to use to search for contractors.

Google Maps/Search

Google Maps and Google Search are quick searches to gather a list of local contractors to contact. You can perform a simple search by typing in your zip code, town, and keywords related to your roofing project. Google will then pull up contractors that match the search.

Even more, if you click on Google Maps after the search, it brings up a left panel of all the contractors in the immediate area while giving you company information as well as Google reviews.


How to Prep Skylights for the Spring Sunshine

Skylight Spring Maintenance

After the winter, your skylights may look a little dirty and in need of repair. Before the spring sunshine and rain comes to visit your home, you want to get them clean and in working order. Here are a few ways to prep the skylights for spring:

Clean Skylights

Dirt, dust, and grime can get on the inside and outside of skylights. You do not need any heavy industrial cleaner. A simple mild soap and some water can help loosen the dirt and grime along the crevices and across the surface. To get the glass shiny, a mild glass cleaner that is non-abrasive and a soft pad works well for skylights.