5 Online Sites to Look for Contactors

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You may need a roof inspection, repair, a new roof altogether, or things added to your roofing system such as gutters or skylights. When seeking out roofing contractors in Cincinnati, a great place to start is the Internet. There are several platforms that can help you locate contractors in your area and then allow you to narrow down your search results to the companies that offer the right services. Here are 5 online sites to use to search for contractors.

Google Maps/Search

Google Maps and Google Search are quick searches to gather a list of local contractors to contact. You can perform a simple search by typing in your zip code, town, and keywords related to your roofing project. Google will then pull up contractors that match the search.

Even more, if you click on Google Maps after the search, it brings up a left panel of all the contractors in the immediate area while giving you company information as well as Google reviews.


How to Prep Skylights for the Spring Sunshine

Skylight Spring Maintenance

After the winter, your skylights may look a little dirty and in need of repair. Before the spring sunshine and rain comes to visit your home, you want to get them clean and in working order. Here are a few ways to prep the skylights for spring:

Clean Skylights

Dirt, dust, and grime can get on the inside and outside of skylights. You do not need any heavy industrial cleaner. A simple mild soap and some water can help loosen the dirt and grime along the crevices and across the surface. To get the glass shiny, a mild glass cleaner that is non-abrasive and a soft pad works well for skylights.


Three Tips for Prepping Your Skylights for Winter

Prepping skylights for winter

Having snow on the roof of your home typically is not a big issue. However, if you have skylights, you need to take some precautions and perform some winter preparation work. If skylights are not properly maintained, they could experience rotting, missing sealant, and damage flashing. Here are three tips to prep your skylights to minimize issues during the winter months.

Remove Debris

Debris left to collect along skylights may end up scratching the glass and damaging the framing. The debris can also hide problems that should be addressed immediately. Remove dirt, grime, leaves, broken branches, and other types of windblown materials from the skylights. Once the debris is removed from around or on the skylight, you will have a clear perspective of its condition.

How to Increase the Longevity of Your Home’s Skylights

Sunroof with a yellow drape

To add additional natural light into a room, a homeowner may decide to add in a skylight or two. Skylights come in varying styles, such as tilted, fixed, or as an escape window. You may also opt for a tubular window when wanting to add natural light to a space that does not have direct access to the roof.

Once you have the skylight installed, you want to ensure that it’s maintained in the best way possible to prolong its life. The average life expectancy of a skylight ranges from 8 years to 15 years, however, this timeline could shorten if a person ignores any early warning signs, as this may lead to serious issues that could further damage your roof.


What to Consider Before Installing New Skylights

Skylight on white ceiling

Skylights are a good tool to brighten up a dark home, but they are not right for everyone. As you consider installing a new skylight, there are some important considerations to think through before taking the plunge.

Heat Gain: Skylight Slope and Material

Slope refers to the angle of your roof. Slope can affect heat gain, making your house hot in the summer months and driving up your energy bills. To avoid unwanted heat gain, place skylights on a slope that is 5 to 15 degrees above your current latitude.


How to Maintain Your Skylights

Skylight in a home

Skylights increase the amount of natural light that floods into your home, which can boost your mood. The right maintenance can keep your skylights looking as good as new to capture every ray of light.

Skylight Frame

Most skylights have a wooden frame that is either natural wood or pre-painted. Either finish may be safely cleaned using a regular household cleaner. Dust and clean the frame whenever you complete other household chores. Every four to five years, treat the wood by removing the existing paint or varnish and applying a fresh coat.


Top Concerns When Installing Skylights and How to Combat Them

Modern minimalist bathroom

While skylights can be a great way to brighten a dark home, there are downsides. When skylights are installed or maintained incorrectly, they cause a range of problems. Discover the top concerns with improperly installed skylights and how to avoid them.

1. They let in too much light

If your home is a cave, you might be confused as to how too much light can be a problem. High levels of light beam UV rays into the home. These cause furniture fading. Light can create glares and cause the home to heat unevenly. If it feels like you’re in a sauna needing sunglasses to see, the skylight is in the wrong place. The best choice for skylight installation is a shady area that does not receive much natural light.


A Walk Through the History of Skylights

Architecture with skylight in rome

The concept of opening up the roof to let in more light is nothing new. If you look back to Ancient Rome, the Pantheon shows that architects were interested in using natural top lighting to let in more light. Today on the blog, take a walk through the history of skylights.

Ancient Rome

While the Pantheon may be the most famous example of top lighting from ancient Roman times, there were several other instances of top lighting within buildings. Glass was not widely used at the time, so these were open portals. The Venetian glassblowers do deserve credit for fashioning clear glass that could be used in windows.


What to Do if You Have a Leaky Skylight?

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If your skylight is leaking, you need to work fast to prevent damage to the home. Here are five steps to take if you notice your skylight is leaking.

1. Verify it’s a leak, not condensation

Condensation can be similar to a leak, but is harmless. Verify that it’s actually a leak, not condensation. Condensation is likely when it’s a humid environment and may be reduced by using a dehumidifier. […]

Best Way to Clean Your Skylights

Looking up at a skylight in a roof

A dirty skylight lets less light into the home than a clean skylight. Find out the best way to clean skylights so you can enjoy a well-lit home.

Know Safety Basics

Since skylights are installed out of reach, you’ll need a ladder to reach them. Take care when working from heights and use safety equipment to reduce the risk.

Before cleaning, read the instructions on any cleaning products you use, as well as any safety instructions for other equipment.