5 Items to Consider Repairing or Replacing Before Selling Your Home

beautiful clean and updated kitchen

There is a lot involved when you are selling your home. You have to decide whether to sell it yourself or hire a real estate agent. You also need to think about how much to price the property and how to get your new place organized. Before selling your home, it’s ideal to perform repairs or replacements to certain aspects to get the best fair market price. Here are 5 items you may want to take care of with your Cincinnati roofer so the new owners can comfortably move into the house.

HVAC and/or Water Heater

HVACs and water heater systems can last for 10 years to 15 years before needing to be replaced. Depending on the manufacturer, you may have a yearly service contract where their certified technician comes out to perform the required maintenance and upkeep. You’ll want to ensure the mechanical systems and controls are in good working order. Look for leaks in the water heater and check the air flow of the HVAC system to ensure both are running optimally.

Kitchen Appliances

If you include appliances with the purchase of the home, make sure they are in working order and cleaned out. Disinfect the refrigerator and dishwasher, repair any loose handles, and check for any operating issues. Then perform the necessary repairs or inform potential buyers regarding issues so they can make the proper replacements. Go the extra mile by fully replacing certain appliances and factor that in your listing price.

Fencing and Decks

Fencing and decks can experience rot from the weather, fading from the sun’s ultraviolet light, or damage from pest infestations. Check the structural integrity of both outdoor aspects and perform the required panel or board replacement when necessary. If the fencing or deck is in good shape yet looks faded, you can add a stain or paint the surfaces to seal them.


Floor repairs or replacement will depend on the type of materials used throughout the home. You’ll want to look for problem areas such as scratches, stains, chips, or loose materials. Then have the flooring repaired or refinished. Perform cleaning, as well as deodorizing, if you have pets.


Roof problems can create headaches for both home sellers and buyers. Hire a Cincinnati roofer to inspect the condition of the roof. You’ll want to replace missing or loose shingles, fix flashing, and replace any rotten wood. Check the ridge, chimney cap, underlayment, and gutters to ensure the roofing system is in good condition. Perform the necessary repairs or replacements if necessary.

Getting your home into the best condition can make it easier to get the asking price for your property when selling it on the market. Here at Brandstetter’s KangaRoof, we offer contractor services for roofs, siding, gutters, skylights, and chimneys. Contact us today.