5 Maintenance Tips for a Longer-Lasting Roof

Trimming Trees

Roof maintenance is essential as it allows you to spot potential issues early. You are able to perform repairs on small problems before they worsen to larger, more costly, issues. Maintenance also allows you to prolong the life of the building materials. Here are 5 tips about the type of maintenance for your roof.

Visually Inspect Roof

You want to look at all elements of your roof, from the shingles to the gutters, and anything that comes up from the roof such as chimneys, skylights, and vents. Check for any missing shingles, popped nails, damaged flashing, or detached gutters. You also want to look at the roof to see if there are any sagging areas that could indicate water penetration and wood rot.

Trim All Nearby Trees

Tree branches can scrape the shingles on the roof, knocking loose the protective granules. They can also poke holes through shingles, damage the roof with fallen branches, and trap excess moisture along the roof when the leaves pile up. Also, tree branches allow animals to get onto your roof as they can chew their way inside. You want to trim all the trees near your roof.

Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance

Clogged gutters can create ice dams in the winter and leave pools of standing water along the edges of the roof. This water can rot out wood and enter into your home. You want to perform gutter cleaning at least twice a year, once in the fall after the leaves have fallen and again in the spring to clear out any winter debris. If the gutters are loose, repair or replace fasteners.

Wash the Roof

This maintenance tip is often neglected as most people believe that the roof is cleaned off when there is a rainstorm. However, dry spells can allow dirt and twigs to accumulate on the shingles, which could lead to damage. Also, moss and algae can form on the roof. Moss collects and stores water that can begin to rot out the shingles. Meanwhile, algae feeds on limestone that is present in shingles and can eat away the materials and cause damage. You want to regularly wash the roof at least once a year.

Inspect the Attic

Check the attic for any wet or stained wood which could indicate a hidden roof leak. You also want to check to see make sure you have the proper insulation present and that the roof vents are sized for the attic. The insulation will help to prevent ice dams in the winter while air ventilation while minimize moisture buildup.

Every roof is different and may require careful consideration in regard to the type of maintenance that needs to be performed. Reach out to dedicated roofing contractors such as Brandstetter’s KangaRoof. We can provide inspections, repairs, and advice on how to properly maintain your specific roof.