5 Tips for Choosing a Roofing Contractor  

kangaroof truck in drivewayRoof repairs should be made as soon as you notice something is wrong, to reduce your risk of developing mold, mildew, or home damage. Our 5 tips to choose a roofing contractor will help you find a trustworthy contractor when you need one.

1. Avoid “storm chasers” and salesmen

If you need work done and a roofer who’s “just in the neighborhood” comes by with a flyer, you might be tempted to pick them, so you can avoid screening contractors. Likewise, storm chasers who claim they see damage on your roof that requires a quick fix can be compelling. Yet, these people are trying to make money off you. Rather than go with a company who stuck a flyer under your door or a firm who drove in from another state after a major storm, hire local and check references.

2. Hire local

Working with local contractors isn’t just good for the Cincinnati economy, it also protects you. A local company has a reputation at stake and stands by it with their guarantee. We at Brandstetter’s Kanga Roof have been serving the Cincinnati area for 15 years, and we stand by our work years after installation. There’s no way you can say the same for a company without local roots.

3. Make sure they have insurance

A contractor should always have their own liability and worker’s compensation insurance. Otherwise, you could be fiscally liable if something goes wrong. Ask for proof of insurance, then check that the policy’s still valid to reduce your risk.

4. Don’t pick by price alone

It’s tempting to save money on roofing jobs, but don’t let price sway you. A cheap bid may indicate the contractor lacks proper insurance or doesn’t provide a sufficient warranty. If you end up hiring the cheap bid, you risk paying more in the long run to fix shoddy work.

5. Get the job details in writing

Once you’ve selected a Cincinnati roofing contractor, get the cost of the job in writing to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

Would you like a free estimate from a trusted Cincinnati roofer with 15 years of experience? We’ll beat the lowest price on a comparable roofing system and our work comes with a 100 percent guarantee. Call Brandstetter’s KangaRoof at 513.713.0418 for a free roofing estimate.