6 Reasons to Install Skylights

skylightsIf your home lacks natural light, you might be considering installing skylights to brighten things up. Skylights are a great source of natural light in the home, but they have many other benefits, too. Here are 6 reasons to choose skylights.

Curb Your Power Consumption

The more natural light that enters your home, the less artificial light you need to see comfortably. If you add skylights, you can get by without table or overhead lighting for greater periods of time. Whenever you choose natural light instead of fixtures, you will reduce your power consumption and save money on your electric bills.

Enhanced Lighting

Enhancing a room with natural lighting not only makes your home more bright, it increases your comfort in a room. Skylights are a very efficient way to boost light levels in a home.

Cost-Effective Renovation

Skylights are a cost-effective way reduce your power consumption. Since natural sunlight also warms your home, you may be able to keep the thermostat at a lower temperature while still feeling comfortable. The money-saving potential introduced by skylights means you’ll soon recoup what you spent.

Increase Ventilation

Electric-powered skylights open to allow fresh air to pass through your home. Increasing home ventilation draws fresh air into your home, which increases the air quality and helps to control the air temperature. Warm air passes through the skylights to balance out the air inside your home, so everyone feels more comfortable.

Add Privacy to Your Home

Skylights are a great choice for rooms where you want more light but not at the expense of privacy, such as in a bathroom or bedroom. With a skylight, you’ll enjoy the same natural light and ventilation as you’d get with a window, but without the privacy considerations.

Quality Lighting

Lighting from skylights is natural and changes throughout the day. Many people find the light produced through skylights and sun tunnels to be more pleasant than the cool light from compact fluorescent bulbs or the warm glow of incandescents.

While skylights have a lot of benefits, they must be installed properly or they will cause problems, from condensation to leaks. For your protection and peace of mind, only hire a certified roofer to install skylights. At Brandstetter’s KangaRoof, we install VELUX skylights, which are backed by a warranty and come with several options, including electric and solar. Contact us to learn more.

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