Beautiful, Durable, Low Maintenance – Ply Gem Mastic® Siding

Plygem siding logoMost consumers want vinyl siding for their homes. It delivers superior comfort and style at an unbeatable price point. Mastic by Ply Gem is a cut above the other brands of vinyl siding. Learn how it protects your home.

Why Install Mastic by Ply Gem?

If you want home siding that looks and good and holds up over time, there’s only one type of vinyl siding that delivers: Mastic by Ply Gem.

Mastic comes in a range of design options. Color, texture, and add-on accessories allow you to create a unique look that delivers curb appeal and complements the style of your home. Color-resistant vinyl siding looks great decades from installation and continues to protect your home.

Among vinyl siding brands, only Mastic matches the sophistication of hardwood, and it requires less maintenance than wood. Select from smooth or wood grain finish, shakes or shingles, horizontal or vertical lap siding, and many more styles. Once the siding is installed, it will look great without needing a coat of paint or stain. If you want to enjoy your home without investing time and money in maintaining siding, you’ll love the convenience this offers.

Ply Gem protects their products with one of the best warranties in the business, a VIP Limited Lifetime Warranty. As long as you remain in your home, you will enjoy protection. If you sell your home, the warranty transfers to the new owner for 50 years from the installation date. Under the warranty, underperforming siding will be replaced or repaired.

Get a Quote for Siding Installation

While Ply Gem offers an unbeatable warranty, you still need to have the siding installed by a professional, so it does its job protecting your home. At Brandstetter’s KangaRoof, we have over 15 years of experience installing vinyl siding. We’re happy to advise you on the right solution for your home, remove and replace existing siding, or install Mastic by Ply Gem right over your current siding.

With all of our work, you’ll enjoy a 100% guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied, we’ll fix the work for free. To learn more about our guarantee or get a quote to install Mastic by Ply Gem, please contact us.