Choosing a Metal Roof for Your Home

Metal RoofAre you thinking about selecting a metal roof for your home? Learn the benefits of metal roofs in the Cincinnati area and how to select the right contractor for the roof replacement.

Benefits of Choosing a Metal Roof for Your Home

Metal roofs offer significant natural advantages. They are fireproof, waterproof and resistant to both wind and dents. Gusts of 140 mph won’t knock the roofing off, so you’re safe from nor’easters, tornadoes, and severe windstorms. If you worry about roof dings from storm debris or tree nuts, you may appreciate a metal roof.

They are energy efficient, since many feature a special coating that blocks solar heat gain. You may be able to save up to 40 percent on home energy costs when you switch to a metal roof. You could qualify for an energy credit of up to $500 and a homeowner’s insurance deduction by switching to a metal roof. Many homeowners enjoy adding energy efficient amenities to their homes while subsidizing the cost of home improvement with energy credits.

Once installed, metal roofs are almost maintenance free. They last three times as long as comparable asphalt, slate, cedar, or tile roofing systems. Better still, you can select a metal roof that looks like one of these materials. Choose from S-tiles, panels, fish scale shingles, rustic shake, classic shingle and other styles. Select from dozens of colors to customize your roof. If you have a historic home but want the benefits of a metal roof, you’ll appreciate this.

Metal roofs had been prohibitively expensive for many homeowners, but material costs have come down in recent years. Combined with the tax credit and reduced maintenance, you may be surprised at how affordable metal roofs really are.

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