Benefits of Annual Inspections of Your Commercial Roof

Commercial roof inspection

Commercial operations must ensure that their facilities are running optimally every day while providing a safe environment for workers. Unfortunately, commercial roof problems may lead to costly repairs, damaged equipment, and unforeseen downtimes. Getting a quality roofing contractor in Cincinnati to perform annual inspections of a commercial roof provides your facility with a host of benefits.

Early Leak Detection

Detecting leaks when they are small can help your commercial facility avoid more severe damage that could impact how long your processes are shut down. Leaks can be difficult to find as the water can travel laterally along beams. By performing a commercial inspection, the Cincinnati contractor can perform roof service while the leaks are small, as you’ll only need repairs instead of an entire roof replacement project.

Evaluate Active Aging

No roof lasts forever. Every commercial roof has two age ranges. The first age range is from when the roof was first installed to its current state. The second age range is the daily aging it experiences. Active aging takes into consideration several things, such as the workmanship of the roof installation, performed preventive maintenance, water and tear from the weather, and regularly scheduled inspections.

Once figuring out the active aging of the roof, you can understand when maintenance may need to be made and schedule the right preventive measures to avoid leaks and serious damage while planning out the budget.

Roof Preparation

Another benefit of an annual commercial roof inspection involves giving you a greater understanding of the condition of your roof. The contractor can assess the current strength and durability of the roof, based on how it can handle the next serious storm. Then you may make the right preparations to minimize future storm damage.

Tackling commercial roof issues early on can allow you to have lower repair costs that won’t put a dent in the company budget. That way, you can place that working capital into improving overall operations. If you need an annual inspection of your commercial roof, reach out to the roofing experts at Brandstetter’s KangaRoof.