Best Areas in the Home to Add Skylights

Skylights in kitchen

Skylights in a home are excellent ways to add more natural light when you cannot put in an extra window along the walls. A skylight can brighten dark rooms as well as help cut down on utility usage as you can save money on your electricity bill. You also can use a skylight to add more ventilation to the home. There are several places great places in your home to add in a skylight.

Finished Attic Space

Many people finish an attic space to turn it into a spare guest room, bedroom, or sitting space. A skylight works perfectly in the attic since it’s the highest place in your home that mainly consists of the roof as you may not have available wall space to fit a window. You are able to bring natural sunlight into the house along with fresh air.


A skylight can work perfectly in a bedroom that may be located centrally in a house that doesn’t have a window otherwise. A skylight in the bedroom can allow you to view the stars and moon at night, which could lead to a more peaceful sleep. It can also help you better regulate your body’s internal clock by helping release more melatonin at night when the light decreases to make you sleepy and less in the morning as the day gets brighter.


You may want to consider adding a skylight to a kitchen space. A skylight allows you to have a window that brings in natural light that doesn’t occupy a wall space. Now you can use the wall space to add more kitchen cabinetry, shelves to hold ingredients or cookware, or a place to add additional appliances such as a wall oven. You may also place in a vented skylight when you want to air out the kitchen space when you are cooking things that are very aromatic, such as fish, as the smells can linger too long in the room.

Sitting Room/Living Room

If you have a sitting room or a dark living room, a skylight is a great way to make the room feel more relaxing. With the skylight, you’ll always know what the weather is as you can watch the rain or snow gently fall onto the glass. So not only do you get some natural light when you are reading or watching tv, you can set a relaxing and cozy mood whenever you want.

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