Top Steps for the Best Roofing Maintenance Plan

roofing maintenanceYou may know that it’s important to take care of your roof, but do you really know how to do this? Get our top tips for a home roofing maintenance plan, so you are never caught unaware by a roofing emergency.

1. Know What Shape Your Roof is In

Unless you know what shape your roof is in on a regular basis, how can you tell whether it sustained damage in a recent storm? When you know the general condition of your roof, and have an estimate for when it may need replacement or repair, you can budget the money you need to replace your roof when the time comes and avoid an unpleasant surprise.

Use binoculars to check things out from the ground, or get out a ladder and check things out (so long as you take proper safety precautions). If getting on the roof yourself makes you nervous, you can always hire a roofer for a thorough inspection.

2. Keep Things Clean

A dirty roof — or a shady roof — is more vulnerable to moss and lichen, which harm your roof in the long run. By keeping your roof free from leaves, branches, and other debris, you may keep moss at bay.

Cleaning gutters and removing heavy snow loads from the roof also protects your roof’s lifespan. Too much snow can cause your roof to collapse, while clogged gutters can lead to roof rot.

3. Ventilate and Insulate Your Attic

Attic insulation not only keeps you more comfortable in winter, but can prevent ice dams from forming. A properly insulated attic is more likely to stay cool in the summer as well. Since a hot, moist attic is at risk of developing mold, it’s critical that you update attic insulation and ensure you have proper ventilation. By investing in ventilation and insulation, you’ll have an easier time taking care of your roof throughout the year — and your roof will last longer too!