Chimney Repairs You Should Consider Today

If you’re like most people, you only think about your chimney in the winter, when you want to use the fireplace and are having it inspected as a precaution. Often that means waiting until someone can get up on the roof to make the repairs. We think it’s a better use of time to repair your chimney now, so it’s ready to go when you need it. Here are top chimney repairs to consider.

Replace flashing components

If your chimney’s flashing is worn out, water will seep through it and you will experience chimney leaks. Once water is inside the chimney, it will damage the brick and mortar, compounding your chimney problems. Repair flashing before things get bad to avoid unnecessary (and expensive) repairs.

Mortar cap

A mortar cap keeps water from sinking behind the bricks or getting into the flue, where it can then make its way into your home. Let us repair or replace a worn mortar cap to preserve the integrity of your chimney.

Install chase cap

If you’ve ever had a problem with wildlife getting into your chimney, then you need a chase cap, sometimes calls a chase cover. The chase cap goes over the top of the chimney to block wildlife from entering the flue.

If the chase cover is not installed properly, or if it’s too flat on top, you can experience problems that degrade the chase cap and allow water (and potentially wildlife) to enter your chimney.

Test flue cap

If the flue cap is not working properly, combustible gases can build up inside the chimney. Thus, it’s best to test the flue cap once a year, before you use the chimney for the season.

Reseal your chimney brick and cap

The chimney brick and cap need sealing every 5 to 7 years to prevent flaking. If you can’t remember when your chimney was last sealed, you’re probably overdue.

Replace damaged bricks

Damaged bricks on your chimney should be replaced before they cause structural issues. Rather than install new bricks, light masonry is a cost-effective option.

Get a Quote for Chimney Repair

Brandstetter’s KangaRoof makes all these chimney repairs in addition to roof work. Why not get your chimney checked out and fix any problems now, while the weather is still good? To learn more about our chimney service or for a quote, call us today.