How to Choose the Right Shingle Color

roof tilesWhen planning to replace your roof, will you choose the same color shingles or try something different? Shingle color can affect curb appeal and home value. Here are our tips for selecting the right shingle color for your home.

Roofing Colors

Studies have shown that roofs with black shingles heat the plywood beneath 10 degrees more than roofs with white shingles. There’s less difference between black and other colors, such as gray or brown. Solar heat gain increases home heat and humidity in summer months.

If you have a strong preference to avoid solar heat gain through the roof, pick a lighter shade of shingle. If you don’t have a strong preference in this area, pick the color you like the most.

Hold shingles against your siding to see how the shingles complement your home’s exterior color. While most shingle colors work well with vinyl or wood siding, brick homes are trickier to match. Make sure the shingle looks well with the hue of your brick home, since brick is permanent.

The right shingle will look nice with the home’s exterior while adding visual contrast. Avoid choosing a hue that matches the shade of your siding, as it can make the home look boring.

Unless your home has full sun or full shade exposure, it’s important to look at your shingles in both sun and shade. A color that looks great in the shade may appear too light in the sun and vice versa. The ideal color will work well with the siding no matter the lighting.

Consider Resale Value

Even if you plan to be in your home for decades to come, it’s worth it to consider the resale value when selecting shingles. Something unusual or bold may make you smile, but you can’t predict it will have the same impression on potential buyers. It’s better to stick with a traditional color than go bold and risk having your home sit on the market. In a worst case scenario, you may need to lower the asking price of your home or replace the roof to increase interest from potential buyers.

Get a Quote for Roof Replacement

Roofs last 20 years or more, so give this some thought before you decide what color to pick. When you’re ready to replace your roof or receive an estimate for roof replacement, give us a call.