Commercial Building Maintenance Tasks to Stay On Top Of

Commercial building maintenance

Over the years, commercial buildings have become more complex in their efforts to reach sustainability. More systems and upgrades strive to make the building energy-efficient while maintaining productivity.

Due to trying to service all the varied systems, some parts of the building could become pushed to the bottom of the task list. This problem may lead to disrepair and serious malfunctions that threaten the safety of the building. Here are four areas of your commercial building that you should always perform tasks on with regular maintenance.

Fortify Building Integrity

The building structure is the first line of defense from the harsh outdoor elements. You should always perform a bottom-to-the-top inspection for possible issues that need to be addressed. Start with evaluating the foundational integrity of the building and then work your way to inspecting the roofing systems. When working your way upward, make sure all systems integrations, such as windows, doors, elevators, fire suppression systems, and other areas are in working order.

Safety Systems Inspection & Testing

Safety systems in commercial buildings should never be overlooked. Commercial buildings should abide by all building safety protocols from regulatory organizations, such as OSHA and the National Fire Protection Association. Types of safety systems to maintain include the sprinkler and other fire control systems, emergency alarms, and elevators.

Testing safety devices on a periodic basis is essential. You should also test the responsiveness of building security measures to ensure that if a problem arises, the appropriate actions are taken each time. Lastly, emergency exits should be cleared of all obstructions so employees and customers can exit the building safely.

Servicing Utilities

Utilities in the building should also undergo servicing. The amount of servicing that the system receives will depend on its functions, such as performing maintenance twice a year (the spring and the fall) for HVAC systems. Other systems may require more frequent service, such as repairing lighting systems and replacing bulbs, to less frequent maintenance and repairs, such as water, waste removal, and electrical systems.

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Spotting small problems before they become bigger issues can lower your maintenance and repair costs. If you are in need of commercial roofing, contact the roofing professionals at Brandstetter’s KangaRoof.