Common Red Flags When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Red Flags

When obtaining bids for roofing work, you will likely deal with countless contractors. You’ll come across roofers of all varieties from veterans, new businesses, expensive, affordable, average, and even scammers. Avoiding a Cincinnati roofing contractor who is obviously displaying red flags will allow you to hire someone who will get the job done right at a price you can afford. Here are some common warning signs to be aware of concerning disreputable or untrustworthy contractors.

Asks for Upfront Payment

It’s not unusual for a Cincinnati roofing contractor to ask for partial payments. These payments may go to ordering materials and paying labor. However, no contractor should ask for the entire project payment upfront – before any work is done. They may take the payment and never show up to complete the job.

Out-of-Town Contractors After Major Storm Damage

Also known as storm chasers, these contractors are not from the Cincinnati area and may not have the proper licenses, roofing experience, or physical business address. Yet they will drive into the region to offer their services whenever a serious storm rolls into town. They will say that they are knowledgeable about insurance claims, will exaggerate the damage claims, and may even offer to do the entire process for you. These contractors offer inferior work and then skip town with the money, without honoring any of the roofing warranties.

Very Low Bids on the Roofing Project

A Cincinnati roofer may lower their prices to win a bid. However, they seldom make very low bids, especially for complicated projects. An unrealistic estimate that causes you to scratch your head wondering how they will pay for materials or labor often leads to the contractor cutting corners, using inferior products, or doing a poor job. Also, in some cases, the initial bid will be very low, yet the contractor will find excuses to charge more due to always finding additional damages that will need to be completed now so the project can move forward.

Sales Tactics that are High Pressure

High pressure sales tactics are manipulative methods to get you to do something immediately that you otherwise would not do because of a pressing need. These tactics may vary in the roofing industry. A Cincinnati roofer may ask you to sign a contract before offering a comprehensive bid, locking you into the high adjusted prices. They may say that they can do emergency work immediately if you give them a deposit or full payment. Other times, a contractor may come to your house and claim a previous customer had canceled before the work started. Since they have the labor and materials on hand, they offer to give you a great deal on a new roof if they can start right now.

Beware of the Red Flags

When something doesn’t feel right about the roofing contractor and their methods, it may be a scam. Working with a local trusted Cincinnati roofer such as Brandstetter’s KangaRoof with years of experience, an extensive portfolio, and competitive pricing can allow you to avoid other untrustworthy companies. Contact us today to learn more.