Top Concerns When Installing Skylights and How to Combat Them

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While skylights can be a great way to brighten a dark home, there are downsides. When skylights are installed or maintained incorrectly, they cause a range of problems. Discover the top concerns with improperly installed skylights and how to avoid them.

1. They let in too much light

If your home is a cave, you might be confused as to how too much light can be a problem. High levels of light beam UV rays into the home. These cause furniture fading. Light can create glares and cause the home to heat unevenly. If it feels like you’re in a sauna needing sunglasses to see, the skylight is in the wrong place. The best choice for skylight installation is a shady area that does not receive much natural light.

2. They leak

This is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Skylights leak when the gaskets and flashing degrade over time, or when these were not properly installed in the first place. A skylight technician can repair the flashing to fix the problem. However, if the skylight was not installed the right way the first time around, the best solution may be to replace it.

3. They don’t ventilate

Skylights that ventilate are recommended because you can adjust the humidity and release condensation. As a general rule, you don’t want to put skylights anywhere there is high humidity, like a bathroom. Condensation will develop and you may experience mold and mildew problems. If you inherited an old skylight with no ventilation, your best bet is to replace it. If you are planning for skylights, talk to a skylight contractor who can recommend the best and worst places to install skylights for your home.

4. They create hot and cold zones

A properly installed skylight should be insulated. This protects hot air from seeping in during the summer. Likewise, it prevents winter drafts. A skylight that has low levels of sealing or insulation is one that might not be correctly installed, since a reputable installer would tend to the things. If it is drafty near your skylight, call a contractor to check things out.

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