Considerations to Make When Budgeting for Facility Maintenance

Two people repairing pipes in ceiling

Facility managers have to take into account their budgets when performing regular maintenance on the buildings and internal/external systems. You need to make sure there is enough to handle all maintenance, repairs, and upgrades for the facility without going over budget. Here are several considerations to make when budgeting for these maintenance tasks:

Create Maintenance Lists

Certain maintenance tasks have different requirements and schedules. You have reactive tasks, where the equipment or building element only needs to be addressed when requiring repairs, preventative maintenance which is checked periodically and repaired before the equipment needs a serious fix, and predictive tasks where systems are predicted about when they will require maintenance and worked on accordingly. Evaluate the building and categorize maintenance tasks based on these requirements to better manage the budget.

Understand Service Prices Based on Location

The location of the facility will dictate prices based on cost-of-living, the local economy, and a variety of other factors. Also keep in mind the abundance, or lack of, workers based on your facility’s location. You may find more maintenance workers in denser urban environments than more suburban and rural areas. It will also dictate the pay structure for workers depending on skill level, as you may find more skilled workers in certain industrial-prone areas.

Other factors that may control the pay include the cost of transportation, which could be higher if the facility is located in a rural area. Also, areas that are prone to natural disasters, such as flooding, hurricanes, and earthquakes, could increase budget limits.

Budget for Emergencies

Budgets can stretch tight for facilities. Yet budgeting for an emergency ensures that the extra funds are available to keep machinery and systems operating while minimizing long downtimes. Evaluate the most important systems that would cause significant harm to the operations of the facility. Then create an emergency fund to cover the equipment that needs to be operational at all times.

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