Dangers of a Neglected Chimney

Chimney Neglect

You know your chimney needs maintenance, but do you know why? Find out the hidden dangers of a neglected chimney, then learn how Brandstetter’s KangaRoof can help.

Creosote buildup

Creosote is a natural substance that develops when wood is burned in your fireplace. Since it’s highly combustible, creosote poses a fire hazard unless Ii is regularly removed by a chimney sweep. To protect your home, have the chimney swept out annually.

Crumbling chimney

Once a chimney begins to crumble, it needs immediate attention so it does not create structural issues within the home. In a worst case scenario, the chimney will collapse. Have the chimney cleaned annually and inspected, so a technician can point out problems with the brick and mortar. Many of these problems can be fixed with light mortar work, allowing you to continue using your chimney safely.

Debris and animal nests

Over time, a chimney can become blocked by bird nests, small animals, or other debris. When the chimney is blocked by debris or animals, smoke and fumes cannot vent the way they need to, and the chimney damper may malfunction. If the chimney is blocked, smoke will start to fill the room. Not only will this cause respiratory problems, but it does pose a fire danger if a wood stove or fireplace is left burning. The best way to prevent debris from causing hazards is to have the chimney inspected annually and replaced the cap, if it becomes necessary.

Water leaks around your chimney

Once brick and mortar start to degrade, moisture can leak in places where you don’t want it. Over time, moisture causes structural damage, mold, and mildew. An annual inspection will find and fix potential causes of leaks.

Flue damage

The chimney flue is a protective lining that makes it easier for smoke and deadly carbon monoxide gas to rise up through the chimney. If the flue sustains damage, carbon monoxide gas may not be able to exit. Since this gas has no odor or color, there is no way to tell there’s a carbon monoxide leak unless a CO detector is installed. An estimated 20,000 people are sickened by carbon monoxide each year. A chimney inspection can reveal flue damage, so you can operate your fireplace safely.

To make sure your chimney is in good working order, schedule a chimney inspection from the technicians at Brandstetter’s KangaRoof.