Four Reasons for a Leaky Chimney

Leaky ChimneyWater can not only damage your chimney, it can strain your heating system, cause a chimney collapse, and damage your home interior. Learn four common reasons for chimney leaks and what to do if you have a leaky chimney.

Top Causes of Chimney Leaks

  1. Leaky bricks – Bricks naturally release moisture through evaporation; they have a pore system. If you waterproof your chimney with a product that seals the pores, water which is trapped inside the bricks can cause the bricks to stay soggy or seep down to your foundation, causing major damage.
  2. Rain – Rain falls right into your chimney when you do not have a chimney cover. Chimney covers prevent leaves, rain, and wild animals from entering your chimney so it does not become blocked. A blocked chimney is a health hazard; carbon monoxide gas can build up in your home if your chimney does not vent properly due to blockages.
  3. Condensation – Condensation is chiefly a concern with gas fireplaces. Gas burns low, compared with wood, and has a high moisture content. When gas fumes rise through a chimney, they meet cold air or cold brick. The temperature difference makes the gas condense, so it soaks the sides of your chimney. Over time, the moisture damages your chimney and your home.
  4. Chimney flashing – Chimney flashing protects the space where your chimney and roof line meet. Typically made from aluminum that’s coated with a waterproofing product (often tar), chimney flashing degrades over time. Old flashing cannot keep out water, so your chimney may leak.

What to Do If Your Chimney Leaks

If you spot signs of water damage — paint peeling off walls, discoloration on walls or ceilings, mold or mildew, or leaks — contact a Cincinnati area chimney repair service. At Brandstetter’s KangaRoof, we offer chimney inspection and maintenance that’s backed by our guarantee.

We can fix the flashing or chimney cap, as well as diagnose any structural issues with your old chimney. We’ll provide a quote for our work and our technicians will take the time to explain our findings to you, so you understand the problem and our recommended solution. We can complete a partial rebuild of your old chimney or seal it for protection. Contact us today to reserve an appointment and get a free estimate for chimney leak repair.