Four Things You Can Do to Increase Your Home’s Energy-Efficiency

Home Energy Efficiency App

Finding ways to make your home energy efficient can help you maintain a comfortable home while lowering your utility costs. There are several different ways to increase the home’s efficiency. The methods you pick may provide these benefits immediately or for the long term. They may also have varying initial costs that will pay off over time when lowering your energy bills.

Fireplace Heating

Heating your home provides a good option to keep the rooms warm during the winter months without dreading the higher electricity or heating fuel costs. If you already own a fireplace, consider placing an insert that may help reduce heated air loss. By keeping more heated air in the home, you will not have to turn on the furnace as often.

Upgrade Old Appliances

Older appliances use up more energy by running longer just to operate at their proper level. Replacing these appliances with energy-efficient ones allows you to save on both electricity and water costs. Consider using a front-loading washer to lower the amount of water it uses and make sure the kitchen appliances you select are Energy Star certified.

Improve Room Insulation

Preventing conditioned air from escaping the home and stopping excessive outdoor temperatures from entering offers many benefits to your home. If you have an older home, it may be lacking insulation in certain areas such as the attic, basement, walls, and crawl spaces. Placing in new insulation rated for your home will keep every room comfortable for longer periods of the day and night.

Home Inspections

Energy audits and home inspections work to address possible issues that could hamper your home’s efficiency. Energy audits focus on looking at the areas of the home that are wasting utility resources and causing higher energy usage. Home inspections help to further identify what the problem areas are and what will need repairs.

Once you have used these tangible ways to find possible home issues, hire the professionals at Brandstetter’s KangaRoof to perform the repairs. We perform roof, siding, and chimney inspections and can identify areas for repair to promote better home efficiency.