Home Maintenance Tasks to Prep for the Summer

White house in a grassy field

With summer upon us, it’s time to clean your home and catch up on seasonal maintenance tasks. Use this checklist to keep up with needed tasks that will prepare your home for summer and help you and your family enjoy the season.

1. Service your AC units

The air conditioner is going to run full steam during the summer, but is the air it’s circulating in your home clean? The best way to ensure that your AC is in good condition and to preserve indoor air quality to have your units serviced. This will remove dust from the unit to protect air quality, while also helping your AC operate efficiently, which saves money.

2. Clean the grill and outdoor entertainment spaces

Before you have a party, you’ll want to clean your outdoor entertaining areas. Wipe down furniture and sweep the deck or patio. Don’t forget to give the grill a thorough cleaning before you host a barbecue.

3. Landscape

Plants respond to the heat of summer by growing abundantly. If you don’t keep up with landscaping, things can soon become overrun. Mow the lawn regularly, trim your shrubs and hedges, and keep up with weeds in the garden bed. If the work is too much for you, bring on a landscaper who can help out.

4. Protect your home from pests

For peace of mind, you’ll want to prevent pests from getting into your house. You may bring in a pest control firm, but there are also tasks you can do to deter pests from entering. Repair ripped window screens and use a pest deterrent around the perimeter of the house to keep them outside. If you know of holes or gaps in your home where pests get it, use a foam spray to seal them.

5. Repair your gutters

You know that you should get your gutters cleaned in the spring and fall, but what about gutter repair? Summer is an ideal time to repair or replace your gutters because it tends not to rain as much, and your gutters will be in great shape by the time fall rains begin.

Make an Appointment for Gutter Repair

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