Home Renovations to Add Value

Add ValueWhen you think of the top home improvements that add value, what comes to mind? Odds are, it something major, like a new kitchen or bathroom. While these projects will impress home buyers, don’t overlook small home improvement projects. These renovations may cost less, but they return a greater portion of what you spend and boost your quality of life. Here are 4 minor renovations that add value.

1. Siding Replacement

Siding not only makes your home look good, it insulates it from wind and weather. Shabby siding weakens the protective envelope around your home, which makes your home vulnerable to problems like pests and water damage.

Replacing your home siding will boost you curb appeal and improve your comfort in the home. In general, you can expect to get over 75 percent of what you spend on siding back when you sell your house.

2. Entry Door Replacement

One of the best returns on your investment is an entry door replacement. If you replace your current front door with a 20-gauge steel door — a project in the neighborhood of $1,400 — you’ll be safer in the home and get 91 percent back at time of resale.

3. Deck

A deck addition can actually make you money, with some homeowners getting back 106 percent of what they spent at resale. Decks extend the home’s square footage and allow for multipurpose outdoor living spaces.

4. Skylights

Skylights can boost your mood and lower your energy bills by adding natural light to your home. There are more styles of skylight than you might think. From solar-powered skylights (available for a tax credit through 2021) that open and close for ventilation to traditional skylights, you’ll improve home value and quality of life while differentiating your home on the market.

The extra levels of light help you feel energized, and allow you to use less electricity in the home. While there are many reasons for you to enjoy skylights, they are also a point of interest for home buyers.

With any of these projects, you will only get the full value when you hire a qualified contractor to do the work for you. At Brandstetter’s KangaRoof, we offer skylight installation and siding replacement, with skilled workers on every job. To learn more about home improvement services from a top Cincinnati contractor for over 20 years, contact us.