How Attic Insulation Affects Your Roof

Attic insulation

The roof provides your home with protection from the outdoor elements. Yet insulation helps your home by lowering energy costs, regulating indoor temperatures, and to further protect the roof. By insulating the attic, you can help to maximize the durability and performance of the entire roofing system. Learn more about the importance of attic insulation with this simple guide.

What Occurs Without Insulation and Ventilation?

When you forego insulating and ventilating the attic space, several different problems may occur. Without proper ventilation and installation, moisture and heat can become trapped in the attic. If any spores get into the space, mold, mildew, and fungi can grow in the warm, moist, and dark environment. The moisture may also cause metal nails to rust and wood to remain wet without a chance to dry off, leading to roof deck sagging and damage.

Also, heat may dissipate too quickly in the winter, which leads to snow and ice buildup along the roof. The buildup places extra weight on roofing systems that could cause unnecessary stress and premature failure.

ABCs of Ventilation

For proper ventilation, consider the three key aspects (or ABCs) followed by pros in the industry.

  • Ample amount of roof ventilation that should have a minimum of 1 square foot of vent area for every 150 square feet of attic space.
  • Balanced intake and outtake vents that bring in fresh air and exhaust poor air.
  • Control airflow by sealing and insulating the attic space to keep conditioned air in the attic longer.

How Insulation Works

Insulation works in both the winter and the summer in controlling how conditioned air flows in your home. In the winter, it keeps the warm air that rises into the attic from escaping outside. By the same token, it keeps cooler air in the home during the summer. The insulation also acts as a barrier to prevent varying outdoor temperatures from entering the attic space.

CertainTeed Integrity Roof System

For a complete ventilation and insulation solution for your attic space, consider CertainTeed Integrity Roof System. This product provides you with superior roofing for your home with high-quality shingles and underlayment along with added bonuses such as ventilation and accessories. Contact Brandstetter’s KangaRoof for more information.