How Important is Roofing Insulation?

Home in the process of being constructed

Data from the Department of Energy reveals that as much as 44 percent of your home or commercial building’s energy usage comes from running your heating and cooling system. Furthermore, if you don’t have enough insulation, as much as one quarter of your energy usage could be wasted year round. Roofing insulation is very important for both your comfort and your budget; let us explain why.

Lower Your Expenses

Insulation is one of those home or business repairs that soon pays for itself by saving you money every month. Air moves upwards and without sufficient insulation leaks out through the roof. When your home is sufficiently insulated, you won’t lose warm air in the winter and cool air in the summer. You’ll be more comfortable in your home and won’t need to use as much energy to stay comfortable.

Increase Fire Safety

You might be surprised to learn that roofing insulation boosts your fire safety by providing a fire-resistant barrier between your home and roof. This adds another layer of protection for your property and can reduce damage in the event of a fire. For both homes and businesses, this can be an important benefit.

Reduce Mold Growth

Moisture is a byproduct of running home heating and cooling systems. As air vents upward and meets the roof, the difference in temperature may create condensation. When there is nowhere for the air to go, the moisture can remain trapped in contact with the roof. Over time this leads to mold–an expensive problem to remediate, and one that can affect the daily operation of your business.

R-values are the standard by which insulation is measured. Especially if you live in an older home, you may not have enough insulation to reap the benefits we discussed. In other circumstances, your existing roof insulation may become damaged, thus unable to perform as intended. Insulation can not perform well when it becomes wet (unless you’ve insulated with wool) or is crushed. It’s wise to have your roofing insulation checked out so it can be replaced as needed before temperatures drop in winter.

Protect Your Home

While insulation offers many benefits, it can negatively impact your roof if it’s not installed properly. Let us come out and check the Integrity of your insulation and roofing system with a 17-point roofing analysis. To learn more or schedule an estimate, contact us today.