How to Be a Roofer

Person removing shingles from a roof

Roofing is a steady career that provides a blend of challenges and rewards. Explore a day in the life and learn what type of training it takes to become a roofer.

Roofer Training

Most roofers learn the job skills through an apprenticeship with another roofer. Training focuses on roofing equipment, roofing tools, safety when working on roofs, and roofing materials. During the apprenticeship, the new roofer is paid.

You won’t find college courses designed to train roofers, but that said, there are some academic classes that those with an interest in entering the roofing profession might find helpful. Roofers work with the public, so having good customer service and communication skills are essential. It also helps to know about things like construction, building design, and mathematics. Learning to read a blueprint is helpful. For some roofers, learning about solar panels, including solar panel installation and maintenance, is complementary to their work. For others, who are considering starting their own roofing firms, business skills may prove useful.

Roofing Skills

While anyone can learn to become a roofer, it helps if you have strength, dexterity, and balance. Roofers need to be physically fit and mobile with the ability to lift heavy loads, since the job involves carrying roofing materials and tools. If you experience vertigo or have a fear of heights, roofing would be a very challenging profession for you!

Owl Guru surveyed roofing contractors on the skills they desire in new crew members. Their survey respondents indicated that the skills they value most in a roofer include dependability, self-control, consideration, and attention to detail. Remember that when you are working on roofs, you’re working on someone’s home, and you’ll want to be respectful. This includes things like showing up on time, cleaning the job site as you go, following instructions when installing the roof, and making sure that you’ve answered all of the homeowner’s questions.

We hope this inside peek into what it’s like to be a roofer gives you new appreciation for the crew climbing on your roof. From the homeowner side of things, learning about training will help you evaluate roofing contractors and select a team that provides the dependable and detail oriented work you deserve. If you have any questions about roofing work or would like an estimate, call us today: 513.713.0418.