How to Know It’s Time for Gutter Repair

Gutter Repair

You want to ensure your house remains safe and comfortable all year round. Keeping it dry and waterproof ensures that dangerous mold and mildew do not grow inside the walls or roof. You also want to prevent water from getting along the foundation of the home, so it doesn’t enter and cause water leakage or instability problems. Gutters are your best defense against water intrusion by redirecting rainwater from the roof away from the exterior walls and foundation.

However, gutters do not last forever. They experience heavy rain, winds, and ice throughout the year. Just like a roofing system experiencing the end of its lifecycle needs repairs and replacement, your gutters also need occasional repairs to keep them in good condition. Here are some warning signs to look for that will tell you to get your gutter repaired:

Excessive Water

The first visual sign regarding the state of your gutters may be signs of excess water along the base of your home. When water escapes from the tops of the gutters, it can slowly erode the soil away up against the foundation. Instead of the water getting redirected away from the foundation, it goes toward the foundation and seeps through the foundation, causing cracks and possible basement mold.

Uneven Gutters

The gutters placed along the roof of the house are designed to move the rainwater and melting snow toward the downspouts. Yet if the hanging hardware for the gutter is missing or on the ground, it could make the gutter uneven. When your gutters are uneven, it can cause water to gather in one particular place. The weight of this water can cause the gutter to sag and tear the gutter away from the roof. Also, ice dams may form along the uneven section of the gutter during the winter.

Peeling Paint

The moment that gutters begin to malfunction, your exterior paint takes a beating. The constant water dripping and sliding along the wall starts to wear it away. In time, the paint starts to peel, which ruins the protective barrier that was in place to protect your siding and any exposed wood. Besides ruining the curb appeal of the house, the water can begin to seep further inside the walls and create damage as well as mold issues. Also, the gutters may begin to rust.

Attic Mildew and Stains

While you may not spot water pooling along the foundation or peeling paint along the walls, there may still be water entering the house through the roof. When you have gutter problems where the water doesn’t drain away, the water can work around to the eaves and soak into the wood. The attic may show signs of mildew and staining.

Never ignore gutter problems, as these issues may lead to serious repair and replacement costs later on. Instead, get your gutters repaired the moment you notice any issues. At Brandstetter’s KangaRoof, we perform gutter inspections, repairs, and replacement services. Reach out to our company today.