How to Reinforce Your Home for Storms

Lightning storm over Arizona

Between the high winds, heavy rain, and occasional hailstones, summer storms can do a lot of damage. Learn what you can do to beef up the protection and make your home more storm resistant.

1. Start with the roof

The roof and the windows are the two most important areas to protect from storm damage. Once these are damaged, other areas of the home are vulnerable. During storms, the roof is subject to high pressure from heavy winds.

Assess your roof. Is it new and in good shape, ready to withstand a storm? Or is it aging with crumbling shingles that would fly off if hit by hurricane winds? Rather than guess, schedule a roofing inspection. A roofing professional will assess the condition of your roof and make their recommendations for roof repairs or replacement.

2. Replace doors and windows

Doors and windows that are rated storm-resistant will offer the most protection in a storm. Replace old doors and windows with storm resistant products. If these aren’t an option, for example if you have a historic home and can’t use newer products, go with something heavy. The heavier the door or window, the less likely it is to be damaged in a storm. Another option for historic homes is to use hurricane shutters, which can be closed to offer another level of protection.

3. Trim trees

Roofs commonly become damaged in storms when trees that are too close to the home lose their limbs. As a general rule, trim back any foliage that leans over or touches the roof line. A tree canopy should be a minimum of 2 feet away from the home. Trimming back trees can prevent falling limbs from landing on the roof and causing damage. On ground level, trim bushes away from the windows.

4. Secure Loose Items in a Storm

If a storm warning is issued, outdoor furniture and plants are at risk of being hurled through the air and causing structural damage. Tie down outdoor furniture or move it into the garage during storms. Bring in heavy planter pots that may be on the patio or porch. If these are hurled through the air, they could break a window.

Schedule a roof inspection

The summer storm season is upon us. To understand your roof’s condition and take steps to protect it, reserve your roof analysis today.