How Winter Can Damage Your Gutters

Winter damage on gutters

We often forget about the gutters when they are in working order during the spring, summer, and fall months. However, winter weather poses a lot of risks to a homeowner’s gutter system.

Skipping out on winter gutter cleaning before the harsh weather hits your home could cause significant damage to the gutter system, roof, foundation, and exterior walls of your home. Learn more about how winter can damage the roof gutters, and why it is important to get them inspected and cleaned in the fall and early winter.

Types of Winter Damage to Gutters

Ice Damming

Ice damming occurs when poor air circulation and ventilation causes the snow to melt faster along the roof. When the rushing water enters the gutters, it freezes. Ice damming also happens when objects are lodged along the gutter and downspout.

Gutter Pitch Changes

Gutters will have a slight pitch to direct the water to the nearest downspout. But if the water starts to freeze, this added weight could begin to bend the gutter, changing the pitch. Even if the ice melts, the water may not go in the desired direction to the downspout. Instead, it will gather in one place and overflow over the gutter’s sides to cause damage to the wall or anything underneath that section of the gutter.

Fallen Gutters

Due to the continued stress on the gutters with ice damming and altered pitches, the fasteners attaching the gutter system to the edge of the roof may loosen and pull away. In time, the gutter could break and fall from the house, tearing off any rotted, aged, or damaged wood.

Preventing Winter from Damaging Gutters

While a homeowner can’t prevent the snow from piling up on the roof, they can deal with the winter storms blowing leaves, branches, and debris into the gutters. Make sure to get gutters and downspouts inspected, cleaned, and fixed during the fall.

If you forgot to get the work done before winter, perform this task carefully in the winter by waiting for a milder and calm winter day to get up to the gutter system or hire some help. Contact Brandstetter’s KangaRoof for gutter system services to keep the home dry and safe for the entire winter.