Is Attic Ventilation Important for My Home?

Attic Ventilation

Ever walked into the attic as it was stifling hot and had a lot of moisture without any air movement? Your attic may not have the proper ventilation. Poor ventilation can create numerous attic problems that include excess heat and high energy bills. Read on to learn why attic ventilation is important to your Cincinnati, Ohio home.

Why Is Attic Ventilation Necessary?

Warm air rises from the other rooms of your home. When it gets into the attic, this heat can become trapped. This excess heat can damage the roof sheathing and cause the shingles to prematurely age as the attic can draw in even more heat from hot summer temperatures outside. You can also experience moisture problems in the winter. The trapped heat can melt the snow on the roof too quickly. This water runoff freezes along the eaves where it is colder as ice dams are created.

Attic ventilation minimizes excess heat and moisture by allowing the air to circulate and be drawn out of the attic space. The hot air is pulled outside as cooler air enters. The attic keeps cooler in the summer and doesn’t create as much water runoff in the winter.

Signs of Poor Ventilation

There are several ways to spot the telltale signs of poor ventilation. The first indication would be an increase in your energy bills. If you see this increase happen during certain times of the year when the furnace or air conditioner is working longer than required, it could indicate that the attic insulation was damaged and the conditioned air is being drawn out of the rest of the home as the attic heat is penetrating the spaces.

Due to the HVAC systems working overtime, you may also have to perform more frequent repairs to the mechanical systems. This factor is another indication of attic ventilation problems. You may also experience an increase in allergy symptoms, as the damaged insulation is allowing mold growth to occur and infiltrate the indoor air. Lastly, if you are dealing with ice dams during the Cincinnati winters, you may want to check the attic ventilation.

Getting the Right Ventilation for Your Attic

Hiring a professional roofing contractor can help you determine whether your attic has the right ventilation system. They can also inspect the roof sheathing for any damage created by this issue. Here at Brandstetter’s KangaRoof, we offer roof solutions to make your home safe and comfortable. Contact our professionals for your next project.