Popular Rain Gutters for You to Consider

Raindrops on a window with surface tension

Gutters direct water away from the home, preventing water damage to the roof and foundation. Learn how to tell if you need gutters, then review popular gutter styles.

When a House Needs Gutters

If you live near Cincinnati, your home probably needs gutters. Homes in temperate climates where the roof only has a short overhang tend to need gutters because water remains in proximity with the home for longer than in arid climates, where it evaporates quickly. If your house is surrounded by concrete, you can skip the gutter, as concrete protects the foundation, but if you have a lawn, we wouldn’t recommend it.

Gutter Styles for Cincinnati Homes

Now that you understand the importance of gutters, here are some styles to consider:

  • Half-round gutters: These historic gutters look like large, open channels. They may be required for homes in historic districts. These gutters tend to clog easily due to fallen leaves and debris, so some homeowners use gutter guards to reduce maintenance.
  • K-style gutters: K-style gutters are flat on the back with a decorative front that resembles crown molding. Widely used for the last fifty years, these gutters are efficient at channeling water away from the house but can be difficult to clean due to their shape.
  • Custom-built fascia gutters: These gutters look invisible since they blend with the home exterior. They’re pricey compared to other options, since they are custom-made, but some prefer the contemporary look.
  • Zinc rain gutters: Zinc gutters start off gray, then develop a charming patina as they age. They’ll last fifty years or longer, but installation is pricey since every joint needs to be welded. Still, since they’ll never rust or lose their shape, they’re a good choice for those who’d rather put money upfront into something with low ongoing maintenance needs.
  • Steel rain gutters: Steel gutters are sturdy enough to survive high winds and strong storms. They tend to be heavy, so they’re not recommended for DIY installation. They also tend to rust if you don’t keep up with removing fallen leaves. With proper care, you can get anywhere from 10 to 15 years from these.

At Brandstetter’s KangaRoof, we can replace your aging gutters with new gutters that complement the style of your home. We can also keep the gutters clear of debris with seasonal maintenance service. Call today for a free estimate.