Popular Types of Roof Designs

Shingled roof of home

A roof has many pitches and angles that allow the water and snow to slide off the top of your home or other building. These roof designs can provide a specific architectural style as well as provide more attic or living space. Here are the most common roof designs available on the market:


A gabled roof design is the most basic roof architecture on a home. It consists of a triangle shape with two sides that reach up to meet at the top to form the roof ridge. The slope of the roof itself can vary based on the angle, as it can be very slanted or have a gentler grade. A gabled roof also comes in two specific designs called clipped gabled and dutch gabled.

A clipped gabled roof has the basic gabled design but have a clipped “hip” end where the top peaks are bent inward. This concept creates a third side wall that faces either the front of the house or the back.

Dutch gables combine two roof designs, gabled roofs and hip roofs. At the end of the roof ridge is a small miniature gabled roof called a gablet that sits on top of a traditional hip roof.


A mansard roof design has four walls that lead up to two top slopes that meet at a single roof ridge. The front and back as a triangle side face. The steep lower slopes may have a curve or be flat. This roof design offers a lot of open interior space at the top of the home.


A shed roof is a common design on detached garages and other small buildings on the property. It has a single wall that slopes in a type of lean-to design. This architectural design has a half gale look and may also be seen on porches or additions. Some ultra-modern homes may also have this type of roof design.


This is another traditional roof design. It has four side walls, as the slopes have an equal length as they meet with a simple ridge. For some hip roofs, the side slopes may be shorter. These roof designs are very visible with its exterior look.


A gambrel roof designs are common on barns and equestrian buildings. The roof ha two sides. Each of the sides also has two additional slopes that then meet at the roof ridge. One slope will have a gentle angle while the other slope is steep.


A flat roof really isn’t flat. It has a very slight slope that may be undetectable. This slight slope allows the water and snow to roll off the roof and into the gutter system. It consists of a single flat top that meets the four ridge lines of the roof.

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