How to Prioritize Home Maintenance Projects

Prioritizing home maintenance project

Home maintenance projects range from small tasks to some projects that could last over the entire weekend. However, work and life can get hectic to where it becomes hard to decide on which project to do first. Prioritizing the home maintenance list helps to figure out the amount of time you’ll need to do the project and allows you to finish the work completely. Here are ways to create a priority list for your projects.

Inspections and Projects Focused on Safety

There are some projects that are essential to the safety and comfort of your home. If the projects are ignored, they could lead to more damage or discomfort.

These projects may involve a leaking roof, blocked gutters, or a malfunctioning furnace. Always prioritize these tasks that risk the safety of your home and are non-negotiable for the year. Place these projects first, including necessary inspections of mechanical systems that will be used during the year.

Items You Want to Get to This Year

After the most important projects are completed to ensure a safe home, focus on those projects that you really want to complete for the year.

These projects may involve replacing the old toilets in the home or giving each room a fresh coat of paint. Although these may not be necessary for the home, they are ones that are most important in your mind that often interrupt you from getting the most important tasks completed. For instance, you may have wanted to get new fixtures to replace leaking ones in the bathroom but always set aside the task because you want to save up money for new carpeting. Place the next fixtures on the priority list and the carpeting in the next category.

Projects to Complete in the Next Five Years

Projects in this category can be held off for a few years as items are still in relatively good to fair condition. You may want to upgrade kitchen appliances or switch over to energy efficient home items. Another project which could be placed into this section is getting a new roof, so long as there are currently no problems with the existing one.

Obtain Project Quotes

Once you have a tentative priority list completed, obtain the necessary quotes for projects so you can begin saving up funds for the items. You will also want to save a bit extra over the quoted amount by as much as 10% to 20% depending on the complexity, materials, and labor needed for the project. Then if someone happens, you’ll have enough money saved up. Developing these budgets may also help you to further prioritize your project list.

When you need home maintenance work involving your home’s roof, gutters, skylights, siding, or chimney, reach out to the pros at Brandstetter’s KangaRoof. We’d love to get you squared away.