Recent Trends in Roofing

Recent trends in roofing

Your roof is there to protect your family and your home. While a roof is practical, it can also be aesthetic and even trendy. Here are a few of the new roof trends we’re partial to, which may be a good idea for your residential roof replacement.

White Roof

Most of the roofs in your neighborhood are probably dark. Made of asphalt shingles, metal, or even slate, common roof colors include gray, black, and brown. These dark colors absorb the sun’s heat, and that can make your roof (and your home) even hotter in the summer months. For warmer climates, a better option might be a light-colored or white roof. The light color will reflect heat back into the environment instead of absorbing it, which leaves your home cooler. Your energy expenses will be cheaper as a result.

Green Roofing

Green or living roots have been a trend for some time. As they come down in cost, more homeowners are interested in putting a green roof on their home or garage. Green roofs include all types of plants, such as grass, succulents, or edible greens. A green roof can be an attractive addition to your home, but it needs proper drainage and waterproofing. Otherwise, all that water could ruin your roof.

Roofing Tiles

Spanish-style homes often feature roofing tiles crafted from terra cotta. As homeowners look for renewable natural resources, roofing tiles may become more popular on other styles of homes. This roofing material costs more upfront, but comes with a longer lifespan and a unique characteristic that is part of the appeal. Roofing tiles usually last 25 years, compared to an asphalt shingle’s 15-year lifespan.

Solar Roofing

Solar roofing works well for south-facing homes that receive full sun on the roof all day long. Costs are pricier upfront, though they have come down in recent years. If you plan to be in your home for a long time, solar roofing can save you money on energy costs down the road. We expect this option to take off in the future, so give it some thought and learn more if you have interest in solar power and a roof with full sun exposure.

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