Roof Replacement vs. Repair: What’s Right For You?

Replacing a roof can be a major expense, but roof repair may not always be the practical option. So how should you decide what to do, replace or repair your roof?

When to Choose Roof Repair Over Replacement

Consider age, area of repair, and extent of damage when thinking of roof repair. If your roof sustained damage while it was still young, thus has a lengthy expected lifespan, repair makes sense. When less than 30 percent of the roof is damaged, repair can be an economic option. When the roof damage is relatively minor, repair can make sense as well.

When to Choose Roof Replacement Over Repair

Replacement is usually more cost-effective with an old roof or a roof that has sustained significant damage. One example is a roof that is missing shingles over a large patch, because it may not be cost-effective to replace all the shingles. As a general rule, asphalt roofs tend to last around 20 years, so if your roof is close to the end of its natural life, replacement may be a better use of your time and money.

How to Choose Between Roof Repair and Roof Replacement

Consider all factors when deciding what is right. For instance, if your roof only has minor damage, but it was last replaced 21 years ago, then your roof has already exceeded its natural lifespan. Why spend the money to repair a roof that is soon due to fail, when you could invest the money in roof replacement, which would ultimately protect your home better?

Let an estimate guide your thinking. Reach out to a licensed roofer and request they give you an estimate for repairing the damage to your roof as well as replacing the roof. Assuming that you could go either way, the estimates for roof replacement and roof repair can help you think about the situation from a cost basis. What can you afford, and what is in the best interest of your home?

One thing that’s never an option is ignoring the problem. If you delay with repairing a known problem, your roof will be unable to protect your home. Soon, water may creep in through holes in the roof or gaps between shingles, leading to the development of mold and mildew or wood rot.

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