Roofing Disaster, Oh No! Here’s What to Do!

roof framingRoofing disasters are unpredictable by their very nature. This means that, all too often, when things go really wrong, you are caught off-guard. Here’s what you should do after a roofing disaster to safeguard your home and family.

1. Check Things Out

One of the first things to do is check out the damage. Rather than climb on the roof, which could be compromised structurally, use a pair of binoculars to scope things out from the yard.

Make notes on the type of damage (e.g. missing shingles), the approximate size of the damaged area, and the severity of the roof damage.

If the roof is leaking into the home, place buckets underneath the drip to capture water. Move furniture and valuables out of the way, as this will minimize property damage, mold, and mildew associated with the roof disaster.

2. Get Roofing Quotes

Many homeowners call their insurance company right after they’ve scoped out the roof damage. This seems like a good idea — the claims process can be long, so why not get it started? The risk is that by calling your insurance company before you have roofing estimates, you won’t get authorized for enough funds to cover the repair.

If you have a go-to professional roofer, call them for an estimate. If you don’t yet have a trusted roofing contractor, get two to three quotes from a certified Cincinnati roofer and compare estimates.

To protect your home, your most valuable investment, only work with licensed roofing professionals. After a disaster, shady contractors flock to the area. They don’t have the skills to fix things correctly, but they hope to convince a few homeowners and flee town before the damage is uncovered.

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3. Call Your Insurance Company

Compare the roofing repair estimates with your homeowners insurance deductible. If the roof repair is lower than your deductible, you may prefer to pay for the job yourself. Otherwise, initiate a homeowners insurance claim with your roofing estimates in hand. After your insurance agency sends an agent to your home to make a report, you can move forward with roof repairs.

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