Trying to Sell Your Home? Siding is the Key

Trying to sell your home?

When you’re putting your home on the market, anything you can do to stand out and add value will help your home sell faster and for a better price. One of the best home upgrades you can make is siding replacement.

Why Replace Siding Before You Sell Your Home?

Replacing old siding is a financially smart move, because the project has a typical ROI of 80 percent. Since siding protects the exterior of your home from the elements, it can also guard against damage to the point where you spend less on home maintenance.

Depending on the style of siding you choose, you may be able to boost installation, because many newer home siding products have built-in insulation. By selecting one of these products, you’ll enjoy a more comfortable home year round, with lower energy bills.

Curb appeal is very important to potential home buyers. If your home exterior, lawn, or garden is messy, it will paint an unpleasant picture of what is waiting for them in the home. Even if the inside of the house is tidy and in good condition, some may wonder: Since you neglected your home exterior, have you neglected preventative maintenance on major home systems?

Some buyers may be so turned off by a poor first impression they lose all interest in your home.
In contrast, when buyers have a positive first impression because you’ve set the stage for massive curb appeal, they will walk through the home with less of a critical eye and may be more positively disposed to make an offer. A quick home sale means that you aren’t stuck carrying the mortgage for your old home while trying to move.

If your existing home siding is in good condition but appears dirty, you may be able to get away with pressure washing it before you sell your home. If the siding has mold or mildew, or if it is cracking or otherwise damaged, your best bet is to replace it before your home experiences more damage.

Get an Estimate for Brand New Siding

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