Four Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Home

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When you first purchase a home, you may think it will be the only home that you will ever live in. However, life changes can happen in an instant. From starting a family to having your elderly parents move in, the house may start to feel overcrowded, too small, or just not right for you. There are several signs to look for that could be clear indicators that you’ve outgrown your home and may want to renovate, remodel, or move entirely to suit your present and future needs.

Changes to Family Size

Major life changes are always clear indicators that the house isn’t living up to your expectations. The house may feel overcrowded with kids, relatives, and even pets. If you run out of spare space to hold all your possessions, or your family has to share bedrooms, the house may feel too small. The opposite also holds true. A house may feel too large for your present needs. If family moves out or your kids go to college, the home can be too large to maintain or you may not know what to do with the spare bedrooms.

Stopped Home Maintenance & Improvements

You may have become disinterested in trying to keep your home in the best condition. All the previous quirks that made the house appealing only annoy you now. You don’t want to spend money on making any repairs as you want to save your money for something else. You may also have given up on doing DIY projects as you don’t want to invest the time or work into making things better.

Staying in Another City or Area

You’ve probably outgrown your home if you are always avoiding the house. You may be spending time with a significant other, a friend, or a relative in another area or even city. You may make excuses about not returning home, such as it being too long of a drive or there is some house problem that prevents you from going home. These may be clear signs that you want to live somewhere else.

Nowhere for Storage

Sometimes, you simply don’t have enough room to store all your things. Even if you declutter your possessions by throwing things out, gifting them away, donating them to charities, or selling the items at garage sales, you still may find that you don’t have enough space for the remaining items. If this problem occurs, you may need to change the square footage of the house to have plenty of storage spaces.

If you still want to live in the home but need to change it to suit your present or future lifestyle, consider contacting building professionals. You may also simply need to refresh certain aspects of your home to give it a new appearance, such as replacing the roof, siding, windows, or skylights. When you need a range of home services, call Brandstetter’s KangaRoof.