Storm Chasers – Watch Out

stormWith spring and summer come heavy storms—and following them, storm chasers seeking to capitalize on your fears. Learn the signs of a storm chaser, why you should never trust them, and who to call instead.

What is a Storm Chaser?

In the construction industry, storm chasers are companies that follow weather events hoping to make a quick buck. They may not have proper licensing or insurance. Instead, they’re armed with scare tactics designed to prey on your emotions when you’re vulnerable.

These unscrupulous contractors want you to hire them ASAP. They usually offer to start the repairs right away, with no money down from you.

They repair the roof, wait for the check to come in from the insurance company, and bounce. Yet rather than repair your roof to its intact state, they will put up a cheap roof that may last five years rather than 20. Worse, still: Some will help you file the insurance claim, get the money, and leave without repairing the damage to your roof.

It’s difficult to hold these contractors to their word because they disappear as soon as your homeowner’s insurance check clears, and they’re on to the next storm by the time homeowners figure out what’s happened. They will never call you back if things go wrong. If you need a new roof, it won’t be covered by insurance.

Signs You’re Dealing With a Storm Chaser

Storm chasers tend to roll up in a single truck, often right after your area has been hit by severe storms. They won’t be able to provide you with a local address, phone number, or references—all pieces of information you should be requesting from any contractor.

These contractors usually know how much the insurer will pay for a roof replacement. Instead of being impressed they have data at hand, you should be wary.

How to Handle Roof Damage

If your roof is damaged, look for a local roofing contractor who has roots in your area. Local service providers rely on their good name to get clients, which means they won’t try to scam you. At Brandstetter’s KangaRoof, we’ve been serving the Cincinnati area for 20 years, providing homes and businesses with high-quality roofing work. We provide free estimates for roof repair or replacement, and we stand behind our work with impressive guarantees. Learn more about our experience or contact us today.