The Truth About Roof Leaks In the Spring!  

roof repairWater can and will penetrate your roof system. When this happens, mold and rot are not far behind. Get the truth about roof leaks in the spring and what you should do when you spot a leak.

Why Roofs Leak in the Spring

The most common reasons for a spring roof leak include:

Cracked flashing – When then tar used to seal your roof flashing degrades, the flashing itself can crack. You may be able to spot large cracks yourself, but even small cracks that you can’t see could lead to leaks.

Broken or missing shingles – Heavy winds could blow shingles off the roof. You’ll usually see missing shingles on your lawn if this happens. Broken shingles are harder to spot, since they’re still in place, just not intact. Whether shingles are broken or missing, water penetrates.

Your gutters are clogged – If you didn’t properly clean gutters in the winter, or if spring storms have clogged them with plant matter, your roof develop a leak. Gutters promote proper drainage so water does not leak into your home. The solution here is to replace any damaged gutter components, clean gutters, and repair the leak.

Your attic has condensation – Spring often brings weird weather patterns. If it is unusually hot or cold, your attic can experience condensation, which turns into moisture and then mold. Clearing roof vents or increasing attic ventilation will help this cause of leaks.

What to Do When You Spot a Leak

If you notice the roof is leaking, of course place a bucket to catch water. But don’t stop there! Put in a call to your trusted roofer. They can check out the roof, make repairs so it does not leak again, and summarize the overall condition of the roof for you.

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