Tips on How You Can Prepare for a Roof Replacement

A pile of red broken roof tile

A roof replacement is a major home improvement. By taking time to prepare your home (and yourself) in advance, you can reduce stress while making sure the roofing technicians have everything they need to do the job efficiently. Use these three tips to prepare for a roof replacement.

1. Get your yard ready

Roofers will be walking around your yard, and existing roofing material will fall off the roof and onto the yard. Pull away any patio furniture or potted plants that could be harmed by falling debris. Cut the grass ahead of time, because it’s easier to find falling debris in short grass. Mark any trip hazards in your yard such a sprinkler heads or solar lamps.

Proper clean up is essential if you have children or pets who use the yard. Remove cars from the driveway so roofers can park a dumpster. While roofers will strive to clean up debris at the end of the work day and deposit it in the dumpster, material may drop in the yard. Request that workers lay down tarps to collect material for ease of cleanup and use magnets to find scrap metal that may have fallen.

2. Get your home ready

Replacing the roof will stir up a lot of dust in the attic. Protect valuables stored in the attic by covering them with tarps or bringing them downstairs until the job is done.

Elsewhere in the home, take down wall art while roofers are at work. Vibrations from hammering will cause the walls to shake and you don’t want your valuable art to come crashing down. Pull glasses and dishware away from the sides of cabinets for the same reason.

3. Keep family and pets out of the way

Children and pets may not enjoy the loud noises that occur during roof replacement. Until the job is done, children should not play in the yard as they could step on debris. Consider sending children to stay with friends or relatives. Have pets boarded or keep them inside cages or kennels for their safety.

These three tips will set you up for a successful roof replacement. After the job is complete, inspect the yard for leftover debris. Then step back and view your new roof from the street. Once you’re satisfied with the job, submit the final payment to your contractor.